14 January 2010

Call for artist - UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE

What is a universal language for you?

In which manner you communicate your dreams, energy and wishes to other people?
What is the easiest way of communication and what does communication
mean for you?

Please send me your interpretation of this phenomenon and give your creative energy to all people who will see this exhibition :)

Artworks will be permanently displayed on my blog and on exhibition
during August 2010 in CEH (Centro de Estudios Hispanicos), Sarajevo
Images of exhibition will be e-mailed (include your e-mail address, name, surname, country, address and web site if exist).


Dedline: 31. 07. 2010

Please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique,
(preferable the work will be handmade on paper, max. 2 works, size: 10 x 15 cm/up to 21 x 29 cm)

Snail mail only.
No jury, no return, no fee.

Natasa Stanisic
Asima Ferhatovica 1
71 000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thank you very much for your participation!

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