24 March 2013

Project : Primary Colours


I’m a twenty one year old Belgian student. I study graphic design, now I'm in my master year. This year I had to set up my own project. As my father is a fisherman, I set up a message in a bottle project. I already received 75 replies, I received answering letters from France, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, one from Germany and now even one from Norway! The longest distance one of the bottles traveled was ± 895km (556 miles) in exactly 7 months! This bottle washed up in Karmøy, an isle  in Norway. Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

This year I started asking people to send me 3 images (for my masterproject). And now, I want to do the same on the internet. As the sea is a neutral area, just as the internet. I also send a message to an unknown recipient. I would be very grateful with your answer!


Will you please help me in my masterproject (schoolproject) and send me:
3 different images (can be pictures, postcards, drawings, clippings from a paper or a magazine,… can be anything) that are, according to you, related to the theme: ‘primary colours’.

Please send these images to my e-mailadres: mercisonja@gmail.com

I look forward hearing from you, and thank you very much in advance!


23 March 2013

Cartographic project

Jill Berry is looking for some great work for my new book!

She would like some Cartographic Correspondence from you.

Here is what she needs:

Postcard with a map you made or incorporating maps in the art.

Make sure you include your email on the card.
No larger than 5″ x 7″

That is it!
Send it to Jill by May 1, 2013
Jill K. Berry
832 Eldorado Drive
Superior, CO 80027 - USA

21 March 2013

what is life to you?

what is life to you?


format free

no returns

call will be ongoing


mail submissions to:


this is life

c/o Moan Lisa

1234 Sandusky Dr.

Iowa City, IA 52240



email submissions welcome:


by submitting, you are allowing me rights to publish your work as creative commons share alike 3.0
see the full licence info @ creativecommons.org


How to participate
Participation is free and open to all, in the purest spirit of Fluxus and Mail-art.It suffices that two or more artists agree in making a creative theme, simultaneously and in different places (west-east) and send us the relevant documentation explaining the title, place, date and time of the action.The themes and the media are free: graphics, photography, performance, video, sound, writing, etc..Kindly avoid racial background themes, pornographic or otherwise offensive.The documentation can be sent to us directly by e-mail or other means to be agreed (DVD, Dropbox, etc.)

The Project
An idea, a contact, the birth of a network. West-East: a new project based on a physical, conceptual and creative simultaneity.
Land-art, web-art, public-art, performances, installations: very different works, created by very different people but resulting from the same idea, “free and elusive”, that has become a sort of connector between the East and the West of the world. Every gesture of West-East (project born out of meeting of Bruno Cassaglia and Maurizio Follin) is made of two artistic actions, carried out simultaneously in two different places: it doesn’t matter if those places are on two different parallels, only the fact that one is nearer to the East and the other is nearer to the West will be highlighted. So East and West, never North and South: the actions are simultaneous, put on the same temporal and spatial plane; they will be never over/under because no place/space/artist/human is inferior or superior to the other.
This is a very strong message, really important in a world, the one that we are living in today, in which it seems that every individual, every society, every country aims to demonstrate their superiority above the others. And it doesn’t matter if it is cultural, economical or numeric superiority: to be above something else or someone else is enough. On the contrary, West-East includes everyone and everything in instants of creativity that ideally, and always on an horizontal plane, connect “different places and dimensions” thanks to gestures that, despite being minimal and ephemeral, turn into a paradigm of unity, contact, dialogue.
Or is it not their material inconsistence, their being above every physicality, the minimal duration of each of them, that makes them so important? Temporary and precarious actions, as writing “West” on a flower’s petal, or shooting a blue thread running from Savona to Belluno (west-east), or inaugurating an exhibition on the exact instant when the other artist (in the East) realizes a virtual installation, prove to be able to create a net of interaction which, in an utopian way, could become universal. And we can only hope that it will really turn into this.
Nicoletta Consentino

Bruno Cassaglia e Maurizio Follin

20 March 2013

Mail-Art for Kids

Hello, IUOMA folk. I have a long shot request. I am substitute teaching a K-5 art class in ten days, and then ten days after that, on the 28th of March and the 8th of April, and I am wondering if any of you would mind sending something that could excite children about mail art. I teach frequently, so even if a piece couldn't get here by then, I could show them to the next class. I've been sending mail art out for years, but not to other mail artists (so far), so I rarely get mail art back to show the kids! Just joined this  great network. If you send something, I'll send you something back!

I've been working with these kids for several years and are blown over by their beauty!

Thank you!
Jinny Pearce
1617 Parker Street
Berkeley, California
94703 - USA

The Great Mailart Project - USA

Hi my name is Zaz (or Zazzy) and I've recently started a mailart page on Facebook called The Great Mailart Project.
I have only posted one call so far on a less used website. I've only gotten 2 pieces of art in the past month since I have posted. I'd appreciate it greatly if you would post the following on your blog.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen!
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
No, it's The Great Mailart Project.
The Great Mailart Project is a page I created on Facebook so I could share my new found love of mailart with the world.
Right now the walls are almost naked, with only a few posts to spread to cover it's shame.
Could you be the one to rescue it?
If you choose to take up my cause send your artwork to:

The Great Mailart Project
PO Box 852
Dowagiac, MI

I will post anything that isn't offensive (I don't consider swearing to be offensive unless it's a slurr).
There will be a contest at the end of each month where the winner (or the one I think is the best in  case of a tie) will be the profile picture for the next month, and the runner up will be the background picture.
You can write a brief message that you want to be displayed along with your art if you so choose, but I won't share any of your information unless you give permission.
Because of the cost I can't return every piece, but if you really want it back send a note along with it and I will work things out.
Thank you, and don't forget to like The Great Mailart Project on Facebook, it's a fairly new page and every like it gets helps spread the mailart message.
There isn't any specific subject matter, but you might want to remember that you're kind of a hero, saving us from a blank wall.

14 March 2013

A light in the darkness’

Mail Art Call

All artists are invited to participate in a Mail Art Exhibition to be held at St Antony’s Priory, Durham City, UK in November 2013.

Theme: ‘A light in the darkness’.

Size : Free

Media: Free but no audio or video, only snail mail please.

No fees, no jury, no returns.

Deadline: October 1st 2013.

With each work include your name, address and email address.

You can submit as many pieces as you like but please keep suitable for family viewing.

 After the exhibition all participants will receive an email listing those who have taken part. If you do not want your contact details (postal and email address) to be included please let us know.

Photos of the exhibition and individual entries will be displayed online. You will find details on a link from St Antony’s website (www.stantonys.co.uk) in November 2013. After the exhibition the artworks will be archived for others to appreciate and enjoy.

Send your mail art to:

                             Eileen and Fiona,

                             St Antony’s Priory,

                              74, Claypath,


                               DH1 1QT



…and thankyou!

13 March 2013



Postcard (10cm x 15cm only),
not in an envelope please.
no e‐mail‐contributions please,
and no black&white copies.

Technique: Free.

Deadline: ALREADY 31. March 2013!
Exhibition: at Mail Art Mekka Minden.
And in the Embassy Pavilion
at Venice Biennale June 2013 in Italy.

Color Documentation:
Printed. Free to every participant,
by snail‐mail.

Send to:
P.O.Box 2644
D-32383 Minden
Germoney Utd



Clemente Padin - Uruguay

Eurovisionen/Visions of Europe

Eurovisionen/Visions of Europe

horstundireneschmitt spent turn of the year and January 2013 at an artist workshop by Sandarbh in Partapur, Rajasthan. All indian villagers  asked us: “What's your name? Where are you from?“ Now it's your turn to tell us what you think: So what's your image of Europe? What's your idea? What's your hope, your fear, your desire? Is Europe just about economy, isolation, boundaries, prosecution, politics, history? We want YOUR power of sight cast into a small postcard. The results will be displayed in September 2013 for an exhibition at 10. Mainzer KunstZwerg Festival at Rinckenhof, Zweibrücken, Germany close to France and on the website of our non profit art organisation Walpoden in Mainz. Maybe the show will travel, cross the border...

Please spread the inviation on your website and send it to your friends

Thanks a lot,  Stefan Brand-Stifter, Mainzer Kunstverein Walpodenstraße 21 e.V.


Paths of Water - SPAIN

7 March 2013


Dear Mail-Artists!
Are invited to participate in the new project, "400 years of the Romanov dynasty."
Subject is vast and complex. But so it is interesting. I am personally interested in this issue of the impact of the rulers of this dynasty to life of the Russian people in particular, and on the history of Russia as a whole. In the area of your attention can be not only the personality of the kings, but those historical figures who have distinguished themselves during the reign of any monarch. I think that in this thread do you see the scope for the use of your creative energy and expression of your individual views on the event.

Technique work either. You can send and envelopes and postcards, as well as artistamps. The number of papers per author is not limited. After the project, all participants will be sent a catalog of works in pdf. Please clearly specify your address and e-mail.
Materials should be addressed to:

Vladimir Parfiryev,
P.O.Box 298,
Almaty 050000,

5 March 2013

Papergirl - Estonia



Deadline 1st of April 2013


Papergirl is a mix of street art and mail art - it consists of collecting artworks worldwide via mail, exhibiting them and after that distributing them all in the streets. The last part is done by bunch of cyclists who ride through the city and throw rolled art while moving to random passerbys without having time to stereotype the art consumer. The first Papergirl was held in 2006 in Berlin. In a few years it has spread to 40-50 cities all over the world. This year to Estonia, Tartu for the first time. Here's a little video of Papergirl Berlin 2010 - http://vimeo.com/17635668 . Like proper street art, Papergirl is also open to everyone. If you are an artist in any way, or simply feel inspired to create something for this project please be kind to send us your works so we can give them as a gift to someone.

All of the process will be documented and shared via our fb page

(http://www.facebook.com/Stencibilitypapergirl) so hopefully you can see where your works end up :) More details are below.


Medium: anything flexible: prints, photos, drawings, paintings, zines, writings, textiles, stickers, etc. If you are a maker and an artist, we want your work!


Quantity: the more the better: originals, prints, photos, copies, etc.

are all acceptable forms of submissions, and we encourage you to send multiples of your work so it can be put into multiple art rolls.


Quality: Please note that all the works will hung in an exhibition and later be given to the public to enjoy, so the higher the quality, the better the experience.


Content: there really are no rules as to subject matter, but please use your better judgment when sending in your art. We most likely will not display or distribute material that is blatantly racist, sexist, or otherwise overtly offensive and derogatory. Remember, these will find their way into the hands of strangers, and we aren't looking to insult or belittle anyone in the process.


It Must Be Flexible: the only true requirement is that the art be flexible enough to be rolled up. We won’t be throwing any sculptures or frames around. If the work is especially large, it may end up being folded to fit into a roll; just something to keep in mind.


It Must be Dry and Fixed: we are open to whatever medium you choose to use, but please send us work that is totally dry and fixed. This means all paint, glue, charcoal, pastels, graphite, glitter, confetti, etc.

We hate to see your work get smudged from handling, or torn because it's sticking to itself or other pieces of art. Make sure any excess medium is shaken off and/or fixed on.


Please Sign Your Work: we love the fact that you are sending us your wonderful art, so please, if you would like to receive credit, print your name on the back of your piece and be sure it's legible. There is nothing worse than having to guess your name based on your signature and inevitably spelling it wrong. If you have a website you want linked to your name, please include that as well. If you wish to remain anonymous, that's ok too.


Nothing Digital Please: we do not accept digital versions of art via e-mail or CD, as we have no means to print your pieces. Unfortunately, digital work can't be thrown from a bike.


On Promotional Materials: You are more than welcome to send us your business cards and promotional postcards along with your art. We will set them out for gallery-goers during the duration of the exhibit.

However, we will not be distributing promotional materials in the art rolls. Let your artwork be your calling card!



Papergirl Estonia

PK 79

Riia 4




4 March 2013


AGAINST LETHE:  a mail art project by Les Yper Yper for the 5th ICTVC, Nicosia, Cyprus, 4-12 June 2013.


Call for submissions

In the framework of the 5th ICTVC , Les Yper Yper invite creative people from all over the world to submit ORIGINAL mail artwork relevant to the conference theme “Against lethe”.

Social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental issues that affect us all demand a new way of thinking. However, as we look forward we should not forget the lessons of the past. What has been the role of visual language against forgetting till now and what may happen in the future?


ICTVC ( http://www.ictvc.org ) is established worldwide as a major event that explores the world of typography and visual communication. Since its inception in 2002, people from diverse fields and different disciplines with a passion for visual language research, education and practice, contribute to the conference.
ICTVC attracts speakers and delegates on an international scale, and from a wide range of disciplines related to typography and design. The high quality of presentations is a hallmark of the conference.


Les Yper Yper (http://lesyperyper.com ) is a physical/conceptual habitat populated by a group of creatives active in the full range of visual/sonic arts, practice and applications. Parallel to its main activities, Les Yper Yper is hosting exhibitions, events, screenings, installations as well as seminars and workshops. It is located in downtown Thessaloniki, Greece, and its doors are open to the public.

All techniques may be employed, provided that the holders are able to be mailed (printmaking, rubber stamps, postcards, art stamps, visual poetry, stickers, collage, poetry, textile, photo, painting, original drawing, mixed media, or a short story created by you...).
The address, stamp and postmark must always be applied directly onto the work.

FORMAT: free

All works received shall be submitted to a selection process by a jury composed of ICTVC and LYY members.

No prizes will be awarded; however, the ten highest ranking submissions by students will qualify for free tickets to the full ICTVC schedule in June (workshops, events and the main conference). Successful entrants shall be notified via e-mail.

- The works submitted will not be returned and become the collection of the Les Yper Yper archive.

- No work will be for sale but may be exhibited from time to time in public galleries to promote cultural awareness.

- You may submit a maximum of 2 works.
- Participants should provide their full name, address, nationality, email, and website, if available.


EXHIBITION: All works will be exhibited  a) in Nicosia, Cyprus, as part of the 5th ICTVC, b) at the Les Yper Yper gallery, in Thessaloniki, Greece, and c) at the Margaris Foundation Gallery in Amfilochia, Greece, starting in May 2013. The exhibition might also be held in other cities in Cyprus, Greece, and in places abroad.


DOCUMENTATION: To all participants.

The organization will produce a publication with all mail art received and a participants’ list.
Moreover, an online gallery will be conceived for the project and the exact location will be announced at a later stage.

Documentation will include your complete name and the colour reproduction of at least one of your works.

All participants must agree to the reproduction of their work in printed brochures or other material produced for educational purposes.

All entries must be submitted through the Post Office.
To facilitate the online gallery publication, please send by e-mail an image of the work (high quality, 300dpi jpeg) as well as of the envelope and/or the shipping package in case they constitute part of the artwork, to:

The printed version will be sent selectively to various libraries, institutes, galleries and the pdf version will be available on the internet for free.


DEADLINE for submission of works: 15 May 2013


Submissions to:


Les Yper Yper

Georgiou Stavrou 4
54623 Thessaloniki, Greece




2 March 2013


Free size. Free medium. No returns. No fees. Deadline 31.08.2013
Exhibition in Jheronimus Bosch Art Center - 's-Hertogenbosch NL - Nov. / Dec. 2013
Online gallery on the Internet: http://boschvisions.blogspot.com
Documentation to all participants
Send your contribution to:
The Museum of Instant Images
Beckershagen 15 - Chaam - 4861 SE
Pays Bas - The Netherlands - NL
e-mail: mii@colori.nl

1 March 2013

Gina Lotta Post Artistamp Museum

Gina Lotta Post Artistamp Museum is a project that started in the late 70s and is now documented online and in print.


To participate please send me original artist stamp sheet/works

Size: A4 (21x29,7cm) or 8.5 x 11 inches or open size

Subject: Free

No deadline



Gina Lotta Post Artistamp Museum

P.O. Box 1424

Jupiter, Florida 33468




Gina Lotta Mensaje Artistamp Museo es un proyecto que se inició en los años 70 y ahora está documentado en línea y en forma impresa.

Para participar, por favor enviarme hoja artiststamp original / obras
Tamaño: A4 (21x29, 7 cm) o 8,5 x 11 pulgadas o tamaño abierto
Asunto: Libre
No hay plazo

Gina Lotta Post Artistamp Museum

P.O. Box 1424

Jupiter, Florida 33468