24 March 2013

Project : Primary Colours


I’m a twenty one year old Belgian student. I study graphic design, now I'm in my master year. This year I had to set up my own project. As my father is a fisherman, I set up a message in a bottle project. I already received 75 replies, I received answering letters from France, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, one from Germany and now even one from Norway! The longest distance one of the bottles traveled was ± 895km (556 miles) in exactly 7 months! This bottle washed up in Karmøy, an isle  in Norway. Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

This year I started asking people to send me 3 images (for my masterproject). And now, I want to do the same on the internet. As the sea is a neutral area, just as the internet. I also send a message to an unknown recipient. I would be very grateful with your answer!


Will you please help me in my masterproject (schoolproject) and send me:
3 different images (can be pictures, postcards, drawings, clippings from a paper or a magazine,… can be anything) that are, according to you, related to the theme: ‘primary colours’.

Please send these images to my e-mailadres: mercisonja@gmail.com

I look forward hearing from you, and thank you very much in advance!


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