20 March 2013

Mail-Art for Kids

Hello, IUOMA folk. I have a long shot request. I am substitute teaching a K-5 art class in ten days, and then ten days after that, on the 28th of March and the 8th of April, and I am wondering if any of you would mind sending something that could excite children about mail art. I teach frequently, so even if a piece couldn't get here by then, I could show them to the next class. I've been sending mail art out for years, but not to other mail artists (so far), so I rarely get mail art back to show the kids! Just joined this  great network. If you send something, I'll send you something back!

I've been working with these kids for several years and are blown over by their beauty!

Thank you!
Jinny Pearce
1617 Parker Street
Berkeley, California
94703 - USA

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