5 March 2013

Papergirl - Estonia



Deadline 1st of April 2013


Papergirl is a mix of street art and mail art - it consists of collecting artworks worldwide via mail, exhibiting them and after that distributing them all in the streets. The last part is done by bunch of cyclists who ride through the city and throw rolled art while moving to random passerbys without having time to stereotype the art consumer. The first Papergirl was held in 2006 in Berlin. In a few years it has spread to 40-50 cities all over the world. This year to Estonia, Tartu for the first time. Here's a little video of Papergirl Berlin 2010 - http://vimeo.com/17635668 . Like proper street art, Papergirl is also open to everyone. If you are an artist in any way, or simply feel inspired to create something for this project please be kind to send us your works so we can give them as a gift to someone.

All of the process will be documented and shared via our fb page

(http://www.facebook.com/Stencibilitypapergirl) so hopefully you can see where your works end up :) More details are below.


Medium: anything flexible: prints, photos, drawings, paintings, zines, writings, textiles, stickers, etc. If you are a maker and an artist, we want your work!


Quantity: the more the better: originals, prints, photos, copies, etc.

are all acceptable forms of submissions, and we encourage you to send multiples of your work so it can be put into multiple art rolls.


Quality: Please note that all the works will hung in an exhibition and later be given to the public to enjoy, so the higher the quality, the better the experience.


Content: there really are no rules as to subject matter, but please use your better judgment when sending in your art. We most likely will not display or distribute material that is blatantly racist, sexist, or otherwise overtly offensive and derogatory. Remember, these will find their way into the hands of strangers, and we aren't looking to insult or belittle anyone in the process.


It Must Be Flexible: the only true requirement is that the art be flexible enough to be rolled up. We won’t be throwing any sculptures or frames around. If the work is especially large, it may end up being folded to fit into a roll; just something to keep in mind.


It Must be Dry and Fixed: we are open to whatever medium you choose to use, but please send us work that is totally dry and fixed. This means all paint, glue, charcoal, pastels, graphite, glitter, confetti, etc.

We hate to see your work get smudged from handling, or torn because it's sticking to itself or other pieces of art. Make sure any excess medium is shaken off and/or fixed on.


Please Sign Your Work: we love the fact that you are sending us your wonderful art, so please, if you would like to receive credit, print your name on the back of your piece and be sure it's legible. There is nothing worse than having to guess your name based on your signature and inevitably spelling it wrong. If you have a website you want linked to your name, please include that as well. If you wish to remain anonymous, that's ok too.


Nothing Digital Please: we do not accept digital versions of art via e-mail or CD, as we have no means to print your pieces. Unfortunately, digital work can't be thrown from a bike.


On Promotional Materials: You are more than welcome to send us your business cards and promotional postcards along with your art. We will set them out for gallery-goers during the duration of the exhibit.

However, we will not be distributing promotional materials in the art rolls. Let your artwork be your calling card!



Papergirl Estonia

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