26 April 2018


L’Officina della Pace
Cartolina d’arte
“La pace non è un sogno: può diventare realtà,
ma per costruirla bisogna essere capaci di sognare.” Nelson Mandela

L’Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Quiliano, in collaborazione con il SACS (Spazio Arte Contemporanea
Sperimentale) e la Biblioteca Civica A. Aonzo, organizza un progetto di mail art dal tema “L’Officina
della Pace”, dedicato alla cartolina d’arte.
Il tema scelto, “L’Officina della Pace”, consente la massima libertà creativa al fine di valorizzare gli
aspetti più geniali e sorprendenti della mail art.
Gli artisti sono, quindi, invitati a creare una cartolina dalle dimensioni non superiori ai cm. 10x15 (pena l’esclusione
dalla manifestazione).
Si accetteranno solo cartoline con interventi artistici e non dovranno essere spedite in busta.
L’opera dovrà essere inviata all’indirizzo:

SACS - Comune di Quiliano
Località Massapè 21
17047 Quiliano (SV) – ITALIA

Digital art - cartolina digitale
Il SACS, come consuetudine, affianca alla mail art una sezione dedicata alle immagini digitali. Anche per
questa sezione il tema è “L’Officina della Pace” nell’intento di lasciare la massima libertà agli artisti.
Per quanto riguarda la Digital art gli artisti potranno inviare un’opera in forma digitale esclusivamente per
posta elettronica all’indirizzo:

info@sacsarte.net o tramite link per eseguire il download
L’opera dovrà essere in formato jpg con risoluzione tra i 700kb e i 900kb.

Gli artisti partecipanti alla manifestazione dovranno obbligatoriamente indicare sul retro della cartolina:
• nome e cognome
• indirizzo
• città
• nazione
• indirizzo email
sia per quanto riguarda la cartolina cartacea sia per quanto riguarda la cartolina digitale (nell’email).
Chiediamo di scrivere i dati in modo chiaro, possibilmente in stampatello, così da inserire e aggiornare in
modo corretto tutti i contatti nel nostro database e realizzare il materiale pubblicitario.
E’ possibile partecipare sia alla sezione della cartolina d’artista sia a quella della cartolina digitale - digital art.

Le opere dovranno pervenire entro e non oltre il 15 luglio 2018.

La mostra si terrà nei mesi di settembre/ottobre nella Biblioteca Civica A. Aonzo.
A partire dall’inaugurazione della mostra sarà possibile realizzare il download del catalogo digitale della mostra
dal sito (www.sacsarte.net) e dal profilo Facebook (www.facebook.com/sacs.arte) del SACS.
I lavori inviati non saranno restituiti, ma resteranno a totale disposizione del Comune di Quiliano e quindi
entreranno a far parte dell’archivio del SACS del Comune di Quiliano.
Grazie a tutti anticipatamente per l’attenzione.
Con preghiera di massima diffusione.
Cordiali saluti.

Lo Staff del SACS

Progetto/Project: http://www.sacsarte.net/…/L'Officina-della-Pace-Progetto-Ma…
Pagina/Page: http://www.sacsarte.net/SACS-L-Officina-della-Pace.html

Workshop of Peace
Art postcard
“Peace is not a dream: it can become reality,
but you have to be able to dream If you want to keep it.” Nelson Mandela

The Councillorship for Culture of the Municipality of Quiliano, in collaboration with SACS (Space of Contemporary
Experimental Art) and the Public Library A. Aonzo, organizes a Mail Art Project on topic “Workshop of
Peace”, dedicated to Art Postcard.
The theme, “Workshop of Peace”, gives the Artists all the creative freedom they need to let us appreciate
the most brilliant and wonderful aspects of Mail Art.
So, we invite the Artists to create a postcard which size will not be larger than cm. 10x15 (any larger object
will be excluded from the project).
We will only accept postcards with artistic works and they have not to be sent in an envelope.
You have to send to the following address:

SACS - Comune di Quiliano
Località Massapè 21
17047 Quiliano (SV) – ITALIA

Digital art – Digital Art Postcard
SACS, as usual, dedicates a section to digital images, too. Also for this section the theme will be “Workshop
of Peace” with the purpose to give the Artists the highest level of freedom.
The Artists which are interested in Digital Art have to send their digital artwork only by e-mail to the address:

info@sacsarte.net (also by link for the download)
The digital artwork must be in jpg format, with a resolution between 700kb and 900kb.

The Artists which will participate in this event have absolutely to write on back of the postcard:
• name and surname
• address
• town or city
• Nation
• e-mail address
both on paper postcard, and on digital postcard (in the e-mail).
We ask You to write Your data as clear as possible, possibly in block letters, so that we can correctly insert and update all our contacts in our data base to realize the promotional materials and publications.
You can participate in both sections: Art Postcard and Digital Art Postcard.

Your Artwork(s) must reach SACS no later than July, 15th 2018.

The exhibition will take place in the months of september/october in Biblioteca Civica A. Aonzo (Public Library A. Aonzo).
Starting from the opening of the exhibition it will be possible to download the digital catalogue from SACS’ website (www.sacsarte.net) and from SACS’ Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/sacs.arte).
All artworks will not be returned, they will remain at complete disposal of the Municipality of Quiliano and so
they will be part of the SACS’ archive in Quiliano.
We thank You all for Your kind attention.
Please diffuse this message.
Yours faithfully.

SACS’ Staff

Pagina/Page: http://www.sacsarte.net/SACS-L-Officina-della-Pace.html

25 April 2018

The post Industrial War - Germany

The Post Industrial War (mailart call)
Time: April 25, 2018 at 6pm to May 31, 2018 at 7pm
Location: Germany
Organized By: Stefan Brandstifter
Event Description:
Mailart call with new May 31 (2018) deadline: This is an Oldschool Mail Art invitation from Stefan Brandstifter

about/against the plagues of 21 century like Censorship, Dictatorhip, Digitalisation, Fascism, Gentrification, Globalisation, Neoliberalism, New Poverty, Racism, Refugee Crisis, Terrorism, etc.

All techniques/ only format: Postcard, A6, (10 x 15cm)

Send without envelope to: Brandstifter, Kaiserstrasse 43, 55116 Mainz, Germany

Please write your name, title and email on the back. No „cheap“ b/w fotocopies accepted. All contributions who stick to the theme will be part of our interdisciplinary THE POST INDUSTRIAL WAR festival and exhibited from June 9 till September 2018 at our non profit art space Walpodenakademie in Mainz. Deadline: May 31 2018

No jury, no return!

Online doc on http://walpodenakademie.de/

20 April 2018

Unafarm Mail Art

Name: Unafam Mail Art Contest 2018
Contestants: worldwide
Size: 32 cm in length and width maximum
Theme: « Tales » or « Childhood dreams »
Goal of the contest: raise awareness of World Mental Health Day (10 October 2018)
Technique: Contestants must create an illustrated and decorated envelope
Entry fee: no
Registration, rules and details here: http://www.unafam.org/Unafam-Mail-Art-Contest-2018

15 April 2018



The ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) are, as the name suggests, works of art created with the intention of being traded. They were used for a long time, in the artistic medium as business cards that represented the artist's capacities and were exchanged, in hand, among artists, gallerists and art dealers and others. With this small catalog of artworks, it would thus be possible for anyone interested to learn techniques from other artists, to own a small private collection of art or even to use them as real business cards at the time of commissioning works.
Although there are reports of the use of this type of card in the XVIII century, it was only in the late 90s, by the Swiss artist M. Vänçi Stirnemann, that they gain the current name by which they are known today and come to have their standardized dimensions as 64 x 89 mm (2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches).

Some of ATC's variants are:
ACEO's (Art Cards Editions and Originals) - a version specifically designed for sale.
ATCBJ (Artist Trading Card Buddy Jam) - identical or similar ATC's, the result of collaboration among two or more artists and created in an identical quantity to those involved.
On a Double Buddy Jam, the first artist sends 2 similar ATCs to a second artist. The receiver works on top of those starters, keeps one and returns the second to the sender. A Triple Buddy Jam is rather similar, yet involves 3 artists.

On the ATCs back, the artists may sign and write the date when he received and the date of the art creation among other details.

reception until » 30.09.2018
local » several to be scheduled
curator » Monsenhor enVide neFelibata
theme, style, technic and materials » open
dimensions » 64 x 89 mm (2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches)
max artwork quantity » unlimited
additional optional info » photo, stamp or other from the artist / small artist bio / artwork title
returns » nop
postage » postage must have its value declared as "sem valor comercial / no commercial value"

You may also send as many Buddy Jams as you wish. These Buddy Jams are intended to be finished by collaborator artists or by youngsters during workshops. And yep... they will be returned and I'll be thankful for it.

desAMORes » www.desamores.yzonk.com » CLOSED
QUEIXA_TE » www.queixate.yzonk.com » CLOSED
Scriptum » www.scriptum.yzonk.com » OPEN

7 April 2018

22 Tarot's Triumps - Italy

International Mail Art Project
size: A5 only
technique: free
no jury, no taxes, no return
show & documentation
send to:
Mario Manzoni Sala - via Marconi 42 - 21047 Saronno (VA) Italy
deadline: 30.06.2018
rules of partecipation:
the work must be ispired by one among 22 Tarot's Triumphs
on the top the roman number (IV, VIII, IX etc.)
on the bottom the triumph's name (Emperor, Moon, Fool, etc,)
on the back side the artist's name and address