30 November 2007

29 November 2007

A **Bookmarker** Show

An Open Call To all International Mail Artists:

You are invited to participate in an International Bookmarker Art show.

The Plainsboro Library of Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA, is sponsoring an arts festival called Cultural Crossroads.
We are asking mail artists from around the world to submit a decorated bookmarker (or two!) to help us celebrate the connection and community that mail artists create by sharing their work.

We expect many participants of all ages to come see this show, and to make their own bookmarkers as they are inspired by your amazing creative addition. Lots of children from our very diverse community will both see your work, and create their own at our festival. We are thrilled to be building bridges of connection from all over the world to our corner here in Central New Jersey.

Since this theme of Cultural Crossroads represents diversity, we are especially delighted to have an international representation in this bookmarker show.

Please decorate the enclosed bookmarker in any way you would like – drawing or painting, collage, words, or whatever moves you.
If you like, you can incorporate our theme of Cultural Crossroads.

Please mail back the bookmarks no later than June 15, 2008 to:

Cultural Crossroads Bookmarkers
c/o Emily Townsend
19 Sapphire Dr.
West Windsor, NJ 08550 USA

We must receive the bookmarkers before the end June, 2008, in order to be included in the show.

We will be selling all the bookmarkers to help us raise funds to build a new library.

Thank you so much for your creative participation – and if you cannot help, please feel free to pass this letter and bookmarkers along to someone who might want to!

27 November 2007


peace by piece

visit www.kiaralinda.com for project details. For my project please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique.

Deadline: 15.12.2007

Kiaralinda / 1206 3rd st. n. / safety harbor fl 34695 / usa /


25 November 2007



The mailbox from all that it comes for this way. El Taller de Zenon tries to classify it, but not always it coincides with the author. The border between the different artistic fields every day is mas diffuse and the theoretical ones do not put in agreement in the limits of every field. After years of study to discover the differences, we have decided that only the author is authorized to decide where to fit his work.

CALLS 2007


Chooses a call (or both) and send us your works.
Answer and exchange to all. Exhibition in our web-galleries.
Open theme. No deadline. To indicate the call.

Miguel Jimenez
El Taller de Zenón

C/ Santa María de Guía nº 1 - 4º C
ES - 41008 Sevilla España

El Taller de Zenón - www.eltallerdezenon.com

24 November 2007


Send me mail art on the theme "fluxhound".
No deadline.
All works will be published on this blog: http://fluxhound.blogspot.com/

Send to:

Haje Holmström
Norrfjärdsvägen 72
FIN-66550 Västerhankmo

What makes you smile Project

Link to Plexus removed

On my IUOMA-site I removed the link to the oneworld forum that runs on plexus. Moderator of this forum is Honeria. After not being on the forum for a year, I checked yesterday the link and discovered the forum is used to exhange porno-links. I do not want to link to such a site. I informed Honoria about the state of her forum. She confirmed that this is so for months already. She now asked the organisation Plexus to remove the content. I also discovered a lot of older mail-art sites still link to this forum. I advise them to remove the link as well.

20 November 2007


Please *draw* a nest on a postcard. The word "nest" is open to interpretation. You will receive a flight of feather in return. For my archive please send me only postcards that deal with drawings.

Deadline: 08.08.2008


Erin Fae
po box 350
new york
NY 10013


19 November 2007


Pinocchio's Adventures - Story of a wooden puppet. Explanation at http://www.pinocchio.artenetwork.net/
For my project please send me only postcards that deal with any technique.

Deadline: 31.12.2010

Andy Vita
via Gaggia 17
Milano 20139



Vous avez deux possibilités:
Premiere possibilité: Votre envoi d'art postal sera sur le thème du recyclage.
Deuxième possibilité: Votre envoi d'art postal sera sur le thème de votre choix mais en utilisant uniquement des matériaux ayant déja été utilisés, afin de créer une oeuvre "recyclée".

Date limite: Le 15 juin 2008.
Format et technique: Libres.
Documentation "papier" aux participants.
Documentation en ligne avec mise à jour hebdomadaire sur PROJET D'ART POSTAL 2007/2008 - LE RECYCLAGE
Adresse: PROJET RECYCLAGE 2007/2008


elles touchent, frottent, frôlent, caressent, frappent, écrivent, dessinent, modèlent, créent, donnent, reçoivent, parlent..........

Pas de date limite.
Format et technique libres.
Un mail art en retour pour chacun.
Les mailarts reçus seront exposés sur http://lesmains.over-blog.com

Laurence Bucourt
5 rue de Mandavit
33170 Gradignan

Sécurité routière et jeunes...

Nous sommes élèves d'un lycée de moyenne montagne.Nous organisons au printemps prochain (15 jours) dans le cadre de nos PPCP (Projet pluridisciplinaire à caractère professionnel) une campagne pour la sécuritéroutière, la route et les moins de 25 ans.... Afin de rendre cette action plus créatrice, plus vivante ( alors même que nous évoquonsdes drames et des morts violentes, des chagrins désespérés...) Nous avons décidé de recueillir (entre autres actions) un maximum de mail art sur ce sujet.
Je vous remercie d'avoir la gentillesse de bien vouloir diffuser notre appel notre "mail art call"
thème: Sécurité routière et jeunes....
adresse: PPCP sécurité routière
Lycée de la Matheysine
3 rue lesdiguieres
38350 LA MURE

18 November 2007

posted for Anna

I am researchng mail art. I direct a mail art exhibition in California annually to benefit the Claremont Forum Prison Library Project, which mails books to priosnoers in the U.S. for free upon request.

Our site is www.claremontforum.org, and there are photos of our last Mailart exhibition.
I am looking for participants, places to post call for artists, and general exchnage of info with others who are doing mail art. I am directing a workshop and lecture for the next exhibit, which will be in June 2008, so am looking for info I can pass on in that.
Thank you for any infop or leads yo can send to me.

17 November 2007

Mixed media art group welcoming NEW members...

We do artist trading cards, postcards and other mixed media art projects.

Thanks for looking!


Anything shoe related in the mail that will be suitable for going through the postal service. Photos, drawings, collage, postcards, 3D sculpture, whatever. Send to my address shown below. Deadline: February 14, 2008. One submission per person please. Mark your name and country/city if you want to be credited on my blog. All submissions will be documented there and there are no returns or jury.

15747 Caloosa Creek Cir.
Fort Myers, FL 33908

Call for Work - Calling all Artists.

The making of mail as art, “mail art” has a history stretching back at least to the 1950s. Mail art has in the past rooted in a rejection of the commerce and exclusivity of the gallery show. The making of mail art, “mail-art” continues to be a common practice in an age dominated by electronic communication. This exhibition will continue to break down the division between the mailbox and the gallery. To that end, Niagara County Community College Art Gallery is seeking submissions for an upcoming exhibition, aiming to display the myriad manifestations of mail art. Artists working in all media are encouraged to participate. The topic and content of each piece is solely the choice of the artist. Artists are asked to produce one piece of mail art and send it to guest curator Becky Moda. Your work will be displayed in a cataloged group exhibition in the Spring. After the exhibition closes, each participating artist will receive via mail the work of another artist. “Senders receive,” as mail artists say.

The mail art movement is uniquely populist and non-commercial, involving non-traditional distribution methods and the potential for global reach. Let's breathe new life into this fascinating movement, which predated and in some ways predicted the artist networking boom enabled by the internet.

It is asked that the artists adhere to the following guidelines: 

1. Please send one piece of mail art to: Mail Art, NCCC Gallery, Niagara County Community College, 3111 Saunders Settlement Road, Sanborn, New York 14132-9460 by February 14, 2008.

2. The mail art can take any shape, in two or three dimensions. Pieces can expand when opened, but must be easily re-mailed for less than five dollars. 

Email any questions to beckymoda@gmail.com

Anything Goes

THEME: Anything Goes

I run an online art gallery at http://www.theemergenceproject.com so what I would like to do is collect as much mail art as possible and then show it on my website. I will send mail art back to everybody that participates. Thanks!

For my exhibition please send me any medium that deal with any technique.

Deadline: 31.03.2008

Sarah Condon / 1717 Alfred Drive / Luxemburg 54217 / USA / sarah@theemergenceproject.com

PR IUOMA-group

Want to support the IUOMA? Just add this text to your blog or site:


Dear friends!
This is a mail-art call from Hungary!.
Theme:"In memoriam Lacko".
Lacko Szilagyi was an expressive "art-brut" PUNK-painter who commited suicide in february this year.He was my husband....
More facts about him and the pictures, you shold use for this project you can find HERE:
Deadline: well...if there must be a deadline,it should be the 3.-th of february 2008....

16 November 2007

What Makes You Smile?

Psychic TV

OK, hands up who remembers the great 80s band Psychic TV ? Founded by the legendary Genesis P-Orridge it's fanclub TOPY (Temple Ov Psychick Youth) became a kind of modern day cult, exploring the boundaries of Chaos Magic and Thelema. The Psychic Cross symbol (trademark wholly owned by Genesis P-Orridge etc etc) intertwined with the synchronistic number 23 cropped up everywhere from album covers to tatoos to the necks of other musicians such as Sleep Chamber.
Ironically Genesis was involved in mailart himself (together with Monte Cazzazza) and suffered at the hands of the British postal service for the items they sent through the mail. Interestingly the primary medium Genesis employed was collage. This later developed further into the Sigils of TOPY which were more aligned to works of collage than the traditional sigils of hermetic and solomonic magic.

Send your art (closing date January 31st 2008) to PTV MAILART, Planet Dada, 11 Menin Road, Allestree, Derby DE22 2NL, UK.

Email submissions can be sent to planetdada@yahoo.co.uk with PTV MAILART in the subject. No jury, No returns, Online Documentation.
' );
//-->\n p


All Horizons

I try to explain my project in english but it will be hard for me !
I work in Espace Senghor. It is a cultural center in Verson (Normandy - France). Espace Senghor organizes in December 2007 an exposure “mail Art” and chose to launch a call to contribution to all on the topic “All horizons” ( Verson was the residence of Léopold Sédar Senghor during more than 20 years. )

The city have an real attachment with most famous of its fellow-citizens : father of the francophonie, cantor of the Civilization of Universal… l'Espace Senghor is a place open on the world and it is this spirit which animates the exposure “Mail Art ”.

This project is opened for all : local, national, international artists of all horizons, without reference of age or origin. There will be no Jury, no price, nor reward, but we hope, thanks to you, to show that the human and artistic solidarity is always alive.

Your sending, that it is an envelope, an illustrated letter or a cutting, to the format which you will have chosen, will be exposed to Espace Senghor.

To take part, it is enough to send your production at

Espace Senghor
Rue of Hambühren
14790 VERSON

Until December 1st, 2007

while specifying with the back or inside your address so that we can give you the blog (documentation will only be on internet)
More information Espace Senghor - i.lamy.senghor@orange.fr

Sorry for my english !!!
And thank you for your participation



Theme: What makes you smile?
Can be interpreted very broadly: ANYTHING which makes you smile!
Technique: Any form of mail-art: including email
Deadline: end of July 2008
Send to: Karen Eliot Box 52 Portland ME 04112 USA or
Exhibition in August 2008
Documentation on: http://neoisms.blogspot.com


Hello, hereafter my proposal for a mail art call:


S. Eraclio is a small village near Foligno, just in the center of Umbria, Italy. Since 47 years now we a Carnival street parade is organized (http://www.ilcarnevale.net ).
You're kindly invited to send me your vision of the Carnival or the transformation of your face into a mask. All the artworks received will be exhibited in S. Eraclio, during the Carnival.
All the participants will receive documentation of the Carnival 2008 Edition Requested Size: Size-free
Deadline: 15th January 2008.
Reference Address: Gianluca Emili, Via Vienna 5, 06037 Foligno (PG) Italy

Many thanks for your attention,

best regards,
Gianluca Emili.

Merry Christmas project

card and artwork received from Honduras today!

14 November 2007

1000 Drawings


Night of 1,000 Drawings
deadline: Friday, December 7th

11 November 2007

Robots and Souls

Looking for mail art that deals with robots and souls. Or inanimate objects with souls. It would be nice to have a good mixture of digital, photo, drawing and printing, but i can use almost anything for my project. For my project please send me any medium that deal with any technique.


Sharon Kirby / 1640 E Hayes St. / Pensacola 32503 / United States / srk4@students.uwf.edu


For a mail art exhibition project at Maxime Deyts Middle School in Bailleul, France, please send me your contributions about mirrors.

Exhibition at the School's "Espace rencontre avec l'Oeuvre d'Art" from dec.19th 2007 to feb 29th 2008. For my project please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique.


Julien Lemaire / 1803 rue de la gare / 59270 Merris / France

10 November 2007

Missing Pet Project

Hello people of the world. Do you have a missing pet,cat or dog? If so,do you have a missing pet poster for said animal?Don't have a pet that isn't missing,....no problem!


Requirements for entry to Mail art exhibition. All entries must contain a colour or black and white image of missing pet, accompanied with PETS personal details. ie Name of animal,age etc. Please send your creations to the above address as an e mail attachment.SUBJECT 'MISSING'
Closing date for entries 1/11/07. ALL entries will recieve documention.
Curator Gearoid Hayes hayesedaze@yahoo.ie

Send instant messages to your online friends http://uk.messenger.yahoo.com

The opening ceremony for the three mail art exhibition in Greece - December 8

The final deadline for the three mail art calls:
-“Refugee Solidarity Chain”
-“The Argonauts”
is 25 November 2007 (post stamp).
We call the artists of the world to take part, sending their works.
We thank a lot the artists, who already sent their works.
The real exhibitions are programmed to be shown in December, 8 2007 in Larissa/Thessaly, in the Museum G. Katsigra – the art gallery of the Municipality.
Electronic documentations are already published in the pages:
Thomai Kontou
Painter, mail artist, curator of the projects.

La scadenza dei tre progetti di arte postale:
-Catena di solidarietà per i rifugiati
è il 25 novembre 2007 (data del timbro postale)
( http://all-three-greek-mailart.blogspot.com/)
Invitiamo gli artisti di tutto il mondo a partecipare, inviando i loro lavori.
Ringraziamo molto gli artisti che hanno già spedito i loro lavori.
Le mostre concrete sono in programma l’8 dicembre 2007 a Larissa/Thessalia, al Museum G. Katsigra - la galleria d’arte della Municipalità.
La documentazione elettronica è già pubblicata sulle pagine:
Thomai Kontou
Pittrice, mailartista, curatrice del progetto

Der letzte Termin für drei mail art – Aufrufe:
„Flüchtlings Solidaritäts-Kette“
„Die Argonauten“
ist der 25. November 2007 (Poststempel).
Wir fordern Künstler aus aller Welt auf, daran teilzunehmen und ihre Werke zu schicken.
Wir danken allen Künstlern, die schon ihre Werke geschickt haben.
Die Material-Ausstellung wird programmatisch ab dem 8. Dezember 2007 in Larissa/Thessalien im Museum G. Katsigra – der städtischen Pinakothek zu sehen sein.
Elektronische Dokumentationen sind schon in folgenden Seiten zu sehen:
Thomai Kontou
Malerin, mail art Künstlerin, Kuratorin der Projekte.

La date-limite finale pour les trois appels d'art de courrier :
Chaîne De Solidarité De -"Refugee"
argonautes de
-"The" l'ART INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE de COURRIER de -"1tst en GRÈCE" est 25 novembre 2007 (timbre de poteau). (http://all-three-greek-mailart.blogspot.com/)
nous appelons les artistes du monde pour participer, envoyant leurs travaux. Nous remercions beaucoup les artistes, qui ont déjà envoyé leurs travaux. Les vraies expositions sont programmées pour être montrées en décembre, 8 2007 dans Larissa/Thessaly, dans le musée G. Katsigra - la galerie d'art de la municipalité. Des documentations électroniques sont déjà éditées dans les pages : peintre de
Thomai Kontou, artiste de courrier, conservateur des projets.

El plazo final para las tres llamadas del arte del correo:
Cadena De la Solidaridad Del -"Refugee"
argonautas del –
es el 25 de noviembre 2007 (de estampilla del poste).
(http://all-three-greek-mailart.blogspot.com/) llamamos a artistas del mundo para participar, enviando sus trabajos. Agradecemos mucho a artistas, que enviaron ya sus trabajos. Las exposiciones verdaderas se programan para ser demostradas en diciembre, 8 2007 en Larissa/Thessaly, en el museo G. Katsigra - la galería de arte del municipio. Las documentaciones electrónicas se publican ya en las páginas: pintor de
Thomai Kontou, artista del correo, curator de los proyectos.

Come blog with the Neoists!

http://neoism.blogspot.com/ or http://neoisms.blogspot.com/

9 November 2007


current mailart projects
one word poems
anything for SAXOPHONES
especially short melodies (photo-copies)
and ORIGINAL music

Barry Edgar Pilcher
Raven's Cottage
Inishfree Upper,
Burton Port
Nr. Letterkenny,
County Donegal

8 November 2007

Mail Art Call Balu Dart Club

Balu d'Art

Looking for Mail Art for the gastronomic entertainment inn. Send something about

Dart - Darts - Targets to:

Balu d'Art

Bahnhofstr. 2

84524 Neuoetting


..........and be part of the inn's decoration ... the Blue Balu Bears Dart Club will be happy to get some mail art. Thanks !

The Modern Horse

theme. the modern horse
(some could think this means the bycycle)
size. up to A4
deadline. 15 december 2007
send to.
the modern horse
p.o.box 1
2483 n.s.w.
exhibition through december and january
documentation after the show
thanks pete spence

4 November 2007

Human Rights

Visual Poetry/Mail Art Call

"For Lebanon, For Palestine"
Human Rights--Peace--Liberty

Size: Max A4 (postal)
Deadline/Fecha Limite: Ongoing/Sins Limite
Documentation: at http://davidbaptistechirot.blogspot.com

all are welcome to send as many pieces as you would like to
and also to send as many times as you want to

David-Baptiste Chirot
740 N 29 #108
Milwaukee, WI 53208

My PET Project

Fun and experimental mail art calls and randomness.
I'm looking here for complete randomness and complete surprise and to touch base again with the roots of mail art.

Want to join in?


Hope to see you there!


Pony Express

Please submit mailart of any forum to the mailart zine, Pony Express.
Submissions should be sent to:

Pony Express Zine
PO Box 3482
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Mailartists will receive a free copy of the zine their art appears in.

If you have questions or are interested in purchasing a copy of the latest issue of PEZ, please post here or send me an email.

Philosophy Day

Philosophy Day - 21st November

1st International A4-A5 Mail Art Thessaloniki

Please send any mediumm any technique.
Size: from A5 to A4.
One work per Artist.

Exhibition will open on November 21, 2007

info: goteetotum@yahoo.gr

Ioanninon 44
Thessaloniki 54639

Three Themes

THEME: Chairs

4″x6″ postards of chairs, stools or any form of single seating. For display in Paper and Postage, Moat Gallery, Library Square, Vancouver, Apr 16-29, 2008
Include snail mail and/or email address for documentation.

THEME: Stairs

4″x6″ postcards of stairs,steps,ladders or any way to get up or down from here to there. For display in Paper and Postage, Moat Gallery, Library Square, Vancouver, Apr 16-29,2008.
Include snail mail and/or email address for documentation

THEME: Clocks

Clocks,watches,timepieces,anything to mark the passage of time. 4″x6″ postcards for display in Paper and Postage, Moat Gallery,Library Square,Vancouver, Apr 16-29,2008.
For documentation include snail mail and/or email address.

All submissions posted on


Lorraine Kwan
#202, 3580 West 41st Ave
Vancouver BC V6N 3E6

2 November 2007

Sunday At Jim Haynes Paris

My mailed homage sent to long-time Paris ex-pat, author, artist, maestro Jim Haynes who has been entertaining at his home/atelier at 83 rue de la Tombe Issoire 75013 Paris for more than 20 years. Every Sunday. An institution that attracts about 100 people from all over the world. Click here for more homework from The Paris Correspondence School.

1 November 2007

Impos(t)ed Memo

go to http://www.impostedart.net/

In the Mirror

The Emergence Project

I have planned an online exhibition of all the Mail Art I receive. I am setting the cutoff date for submissions for December 31st, 2007. I will be responding to every submission by sending back my personal Mail Art. There are no fees to enter and there will be no judging process. I run an art gallery called The Emergence Project.

There is no theme, no rules, no guidelines at all. Everything will be accepted and exhibited. The Mail Art will not be returned.

The artist will be credited for their work and their address will be listed with the show. Viewers will be encouraged to participate. I will post the show on my gallery website at www.theemergenceproject.com in early January 2008. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at sarah@theemergenceproject.com .

Please send your submissions to:

Sarah Elizabeth Condon
1717 Alfred Drive
WI 54217


MAIL ART CALL - In memory of the Rape of Nanking

The Rape of Nanking was an infamous war crime committed by the Japanese military in and around the then capital of China, after it fell to the Imperial Japanese Army on December 13, 1937.The extent of the atrocities is debated between China and Japan. A number of Japanese researchers consider 100,000 – 200,000 to be an approximate value. Other nations usually believe the death toll to be between 150,000 – 300,000. The International Military Tribunal for the Far East stated that 20,000 (and perhaps up to 80,000) women were raped.(more informations at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanking_Massacre )

free technique no returns documentation to all

deadline to be received: end of january 2008


send to:

Horst Baur
80538 Munich


The Programm ClustrMap shows that on this Mail Art Projects Blog the visitors come from everywhere. Thank you all for this support!