16 November 2007

Psychic TV

OK, hands up who remembers the great 80s band Psychic TV ? Founded by the legendary Genesis P-Orridge it's fanclub TOPY (Temple Ov Psychick Youth) became a kind of modern day cult, exploring the boundaries of Chaos Magic and Thelema. The Psychic Cross symbol (trademark wholly owned by Genesis P-Orridge etc etc) intertwined with the synchronistic number 23 cropped up everywhere from album covers to tatoos to the necks of other musicians such as Sleep Chamber.
Ironically Genesis was involved in mailart himself (together with Monte Cazzazza) and suffered at the hands of the British postal service for the items they sent through the mail. Interestingly the primary medium Genesis employed was collage. This later developed further into the Sigils of TOPY which were more aligned to works of collage than the traditional sigils of hermetic and solomonic magic.

Send your art (closing date January 31st 2008) to PTV MAILART, Planet Dada, 11 Menin Road, Allestree, Derby DE22 2NL, UK.

Email submissions can be sent to planetdada@yahoo.co.uk with PTV MAILART in the subject. No jury, No returns, Online Documentation.
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