1 November 2007

The Emergence Project

I have planned an online exhibition of all the Mail Art I receive. I am setting the cutoff date for submissions for December 31st, 2007. I will be responding to every submission by sending back my personal Mail Art. There are no fees to enter and there will be no judging process. I run an art gallery called The Emergence Project.

There is no theme, no rules, no guidelines at all. Everything will be accepted and exhibited. The Mail Art will not be returned.

The artist will be credited for their work and their address will be listed with the show. Viewers will be encouraged to participate. I will post the show on my gallery website at www.theemergenceproject.com in early January 2008. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at sarah@theemergenceproject.com .

Please send your submissions to:

Sarah Elizabeth Condon
1717 Alfred Drive
WI 54217

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