20 March 2013

The Great Mailart Project - USA

Hi my name is Zaz (or Zazzy) and I've recently started a mailart page on Facebook called The Great Mailart Project.
I have only posted one call so far on a less used website. I've only gotten 2 pieces of art in the past month since I have posted. I'd appreciate it greatly if you would post the following on your blog.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen!
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
No, it's The Great Mailart Project.
The Great Mailart Project is a page I created on Facebook so I could share my new found love of mailart with the world.
Right now the walls are almost naked, with only a few posts to spread to cover it's shame.
Could you be the one to rescue it?
If you choose to take up my cause send your artwork to:

The Great Mailart Project
PO Box 852
Dowagiac, MI

I will post anything that isn't offensive (I don't consider swearing to be offensive unless it's a slurr).
There will be a contest at the end of each month where the winner (or the one I think is the best in  case of a tie) will be the profile picture for the next month, and the runner up will be the background picture.
You can write a brief message that you want to be displayed along with your art if you so choose, but I won't share any of your information unless you give permission.
Because of the cost I can't return every piece, but if you really want it back send a note along with it and I will work things out.
Thank you, and don't forget to like The Great Mailart Project on Facebook, it's a fairly new page and every like it gets helps spread the mailart message.
There isn't any specific subject matter, but you might want to remember that you're kind of a hero, saving us from a blank wall.

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