30 March 2008

Carfree Cities Mail Art Show

Hello Mail Art Bloggers,

I am writing today to ask if you can post some information about our mail art project on your blog. The invitation to participate is included below or www.carfreeportland.org will link you directly to our web-site, which has all the information posted - as well as a simple graphic.

OK - Thanks if you can help get the word-out.

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Invitation to Artists & Activists!

The Carfree Cities Mail Art Show

For display at Portland, Oregon City Hall, June 2008

As the center-piece of the International Carfree Cities' annual conference - previous events held in Prague, Berlin, Budapest, Bogota and Istanbul - this event will feature an installation of Mail Art from around the world. We invite artists and writers everywhere to send original mailable photos, paintings and collages, poetry and prose, celebrating freedom from car culture in any and every phase of life, to:

P.O. Box 6662
Portland, Oregon
USA 97228

The official theme of this conference is "Rediscovering Proximity" We share our earth with billions of people as well as the whole natural world's myriad creatures and flora and ecosystems. Our transportation and urban planning choices directly impact the health of the planet.

The fact that Portland city offialdom has thrown open the doors of City Hall to celebrate freedom from auto-obsessed culture and the interconnectedness between our local and global communities is an important and unusual gesture for an American city.

This art will become part of a traveling exhibit and make future visits to cities hosting Carfree events. We regret being unable to return the pieces to the artists, but credit to all artists will be scrupulously noted. All art must be received before June 1st, 2008 to be included in the show at City Hall in Portland.


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