10 November 2011

Stehekin MailArt

CALL: Stehekin MailArt
Stehekin, Washington may be the most isolated community in the lower 48 United States. Travel to Stehekin is by foot on various trails (the Pacific Crest trail connects us to both Mexico and Canada) or by boat on a long fiord-like lake. The closest groceries and doctor are 50 miles away at the lake’s other end. We do have a post office! It's a great place to live but winter here can get long and gray. We look forward to the color and surprises you send us by mail.

Your artwork will be displayed in the Golden West Gallery, a gallery run by the community. There will be no jury.

THEMES We offer three themes. Send as many entries as you want.
MAPS Send maps of the path from your home to ours.
FAUNA Besides 85 year round humans our population includes bears, cougars, mule deer, owls, ravens, mosquitoes, rattlesnakes and . . . Send art about the animals where you live, real or fanciful.
MOUNTAINS Many times the glaciers came and shaped our mountains. What mountains are in your life or your imagination?

All media accepted including the written word. No size limits. We can’t return your work. All artists will be acknowledged on our website. At least the first 20 entries will be pictured on the website. I will picture as many as I can given the limitations of my time and the space available on our free website.
WEBSITE: http://stehekinmailart.weebly.com/

All work suitable for the eyes of young children will be displayed in our gallery. All other work will be available for viewing in a different venue as a “Salon des Refuses.”

ENTRY DEADLINE: December 30th 2011

Stehekin MailArt
PO Box 301
Washington 98852

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