11 January 2009

« The self-portrait//Enter»

The Mail Art Project «The self-portrait//Enter»
«The 90-th anniversary of the Yaroslavl Art Museum»

Theme: «The self-portrait//Enter»
The greeting card to the 90 anniversary of the Yaroslavl Art Museum.

Size: any size is available

Technique: free (a drawing, a photo, a collage, etc.)

A card should be sent by mail abroach that is without an envelope. A forwarding must be paid off by postage stamps.
The works are neither returned to you and paid off nor evaluated.

Exhibition: The Exposition is formed by the works the Yaroslavl Art Museum will receive during the year of 2009.

The documentation: http://artmuseum.yar.ru

The deadline of works presentation: December 31, 2009
Please, send your greeting cards to the following address:

The Yaroslavl Art Museum
The Volga Embankment, 23

The Idea of the project, the curator of the exhibition:
Olga Volkova, a scientific associate of the Yaroslavl Art Museum

The Adviser of the project: Tatyana Makarova, a mail-art artist

The Mail Art Project « The self-portrait//Enter»
«The 90-th anniversary of the Yaroslavl Art Museum»

In 2009 the Yaroslavl Art Museum will celebrate its 90-th anniversary.
During this jubilee year everyone can take part in the mail-art project « The self-portrait//Enter».

Mail-art – the art of the postal correspondence and service, which became an independent art trend nearly 50 years ago. It is based not on the aesthetic or stylistic principles, but the way of works delivery from a creator to a spectator is in the focus of our attention. The works should be sent by mail and contain postage stamps, postmarks, that are the signs of postal payment, and belong to the system of postal links.

Since 2007 the Yaroslavl Art Museum has had close ties with the Federal Postal Administration of the Yaroslavl Region “Post of Russia”. In the vestibule of our museum one can see the famous Russian postal blue boxes. Our visitors have a wonderful opportunity to send either a telegram or a card wherever and whomever he wants.
The project “Self-portrait//Enter” changes the aim of correspondence and is looking forward to getting congratulations addressed to the museum.
The project continues traditions of the Yaroslavl Art Museum which takes special pride in the collection of postcards dated back to the last century. They are on display during the whole year.
The exposition “Self-portrait//Enter” is being formed by the works of the Yaroslavl Art Museum and will be the constant part of its perspective congratulations.

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