8 January 2009

Nudity in Mail Art - Call for Entries

I chose Valentine's Day for the deadline for this call because I'm in a silly mood tonight. I am inviting everyone to send mail art on the theme of nudity. What does nudity represent for you? What kind of nudity are you comfortable with? What makes nudity sexual? What kind of nudity appeals to you? Have you made a nude self-portrait or been the subject of a nude work of art? What feelings does nudity create in you?

Be honest if you can - or be silly - or be angry or any other emotion. It's all acceptable!

Some things won't arrive, of course, if they offend the postal workers or the postal rules. So, if in doubt, send two copies - one visible to the world, one inside an envelope. Or take your chances and see what happens! Or send me your work via email.

I will make a booklet on the show for all participants.

Given the discussion here at IUOMA (see: http://iuoma-network.ning.com/profiles/blogs/nudity-in-mail-art-call-for) about nude women as models, I am challenging everyone, especially the men, to talk about and/or make art about male nudity as well as female nudity, or instead of female nudity. But, every kind of nudity is okay... even just a discussion of nudity! :)

Yours, in the mail,

Carla Cryptic
PO Box 1274
Berkeley, CA 94701


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