25 January 2009

New project from Peter Küstermann - Germany


Dear Mail-Art friends,

twenty-seven years ago, I edited my first Mail-Art Catalog for Peace still during the cold war. In re-united Germany, I have started now teaching Mail-Art in the army. My students are former soldiers with experience in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Most of them were still born in the GDR = East Germany.

They have chosen to be re-trained as kindergartners and educators, i.e.: men in a traditional women´s profession. Their school is inside the baracks in Berlin, and the training is led by a woman. This means practical peace work to me today.

My course has launched the Mail-Art invitation „eMANcipation“ about their new work field, see below. The exhibition will travel from the barracks through kindergardens, museums, churches, and schools. During the International Mail-Art & Performance-Festival it will be shown in Minden´s City Hall.

I higly recommend you send your original contributions to this unique and pioneering project in art history and gender mainstreaming, by snail-mail please = not e-mail.

Thank you.
Peter Netmail


„eMANcipation“ -
Men in a Women´s Job -
A project by educator students of Bundeswehrfachschule Berlin
Format: Postcard ca. 10x15 cm
Technique: free
Deadline: 15 April 2009
Catalog: to every participant
Report: in color, in culture magazine „Oswald“
Exhibitions: at General-Steinhoff-Barracksand at Mailart-Mekka Minden in the townhall

Please send to:
Friederike Moser-Vief
Mailart Projekt
Bundeswehrfachschule Berlin
Kladower Damm 182D
14089 BERLIN

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