8 January 2009

Archiving Mail-Art projects for the future

This blog is fully archived every month. This way all the Mail-Art projects that are published here will be available for researchers later. The overview of these projects you can find on: http://www.iuoma.org/mailartprojectsarchive.html . I have chosen for the .PDF format to archive the mail-art projects. These digital books are published every month. They are also indexed by Google. By this structural approach this will lead to a collection of hundreds or within a few years thousands of Mail-Art projects.

For Authors of this blog (you are my source!), almost 100 mail-artists, I hope you will continue to post any mail-art project you come across.

The statistsics of this blog indicate that the amount of visitors increases every years. It turns out to be a good platform to communicate about mail-art projects. Thank you all!

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