4 July 2008

Shopping Trolley Gallery News

A letter to all mail artists from Martha Aitchison in London, UK

I have decided to give up the shopping trolley because I am so busy that my husband John has taken over the shopping and the gallery doesn’t get around as much as it should. So it is retiring but I am not, I shall find other ways to display mail art. With thanks to the many great artists that have participated in my STG shows I invite you all to:

THE LAST SHOW - on the occasion of the retirement of THE SHOPPING TROLLEY GALLERY - and as an homage to the many artists whose work has been shown on it since 1996, during its many trips to local shops carrying the household shopping

THEME: Free MEDIA: flat artwork on paper postcard size or smaller.

DEADLINE: end November 2008

SEND TO: LAST SHOW Box 108 Beckenham BR3 1GY (UK)
Your artwork will be exhibited at the Tate Britain, at least we will try, somehow and by stealth, during the next

FIELD STUDY INTERNATIONAL MEETING-which will be held on JANUARY 3, 2009 at 12 NOON at the TATE BRITAIN - MAIN ENTRANCE,MILLBANK, LONDON, SW1P 4RG, UK.Please join us.The show will also be displayed, starting now, on www.mailartmartha.org.uk and postal documentation will be sent to all participants

Martha Aitchison www.nottwo.org.uk
Postal address: STG-UK, box 108, Beckenham BR3 1GY, UK

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MailArtMartha said...

The Shopping Trolley Gallery ( STG )is again rolling along although nottwo.or.uk and maialartamrtha.org.uk have closed. Instead you can follow the adventures of the STG in