20 March 2011

YOU project

APPEAL for “YOU project”

APPEAL for “YOU project”

Living up to the Earthquake Japan!
「あなたへ あなたと」(anatae anatato) “for YOU with YOU” mail-art project.
“YOU project” implores you to give us your heart and power with your own words and creativities.

The enormous earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2011. We could nothing but being shocked, being lamented, and praying. We would like to do something, no, we MUST do something. However, I’m afraid that we may be able to do only a small thing. The only thing we have come up with is “YOU project.”

“YOU” literally means “friends,” “being,” “bonds,” “mail,” and “you,” in Japanese. You, who are suffering from the earthquake; you, who lost your loved ones, ……; you, who are sunk in grief. We will collect messages from every one worldwide for YOU.

“YOU project” is a mail-art project. You may want to send a postcard that 「あなたへ あなたと」(anatae anatato)“for YOU with YOU” on to our office. The postcard can carry your messages together with illustrations and photos.

APPEAL for “YOU project”

We have not yet decided how to put those cards on display. To begin with, we update them onto our website in due order. We would like to exhibit, or, when it is allowed, to visit some people watching how things go. We will report what we are doing on our webpage at all times.

We hope that many people will take part in this project.

We hope that we can make a circle of thoughts from everyone worldwide.

「あなたへ あなたと」(anatae anatato)“to YOU with YOU”

Proposers of “YOU project”
OKADO Megumiko

see for details: http://you-project.net/

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