4 November 2012

Just a kid again!

what does it mean to be a kid again?
what would it take to rediscover how it felt back than?
where was the innocence lost?
why have we forgotten ourselves?
Pondering on the questions above, we may recapture memories, images, feelings in order to redifine the present.
sent your massage to the children and support them.

TeeToTuM organize the 3nd international Mail-Art Exhibition THEME: ''just a kid again''
Comment: 3nd International Mail Art - Veroia, Greece.
Size: min: 20cm (8 inches) max: 30cm (11 inches)
Deadline: sent your work till 15\12\2012
Info: For this exhibition please send more than one work in any medium that deal with any technique at: Georgia Grigoriadou / Doiranis 19 / Thessaloniki 54638 / Greece /or at: Fotini Hamidieli \ Pindou 44 street \Veroia\59100\Greece
No fee
No return
All works will be exhibited at Papatzikou Gallery in Veroia (https://www.facebook.com/vicky.papatzikou) on December and will be for sale in order to support the Initiative for Children of the city of Veroia (an organization for the welfare of underprivileged children)
Exhibition Opening: will be announced soon.

For more information please contact Georgia Grigoriadou at: email to: gogo@go-teetotum.gr or fhamidieli@gmail.com

Please forward!

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