23 November 2012


Stehekin is isolated.  During the snows of winter, we’re connected to the outside world only by a boat that navigates Lake Chelan 3 days a week.  We love our isolation but we like to stay connected.  Our artists have begun installing an art show.  With the show we hope to be in touch with artists everywhere by inviting the world-wide community of mail artists to take part.  We think of it as a conversation.

To get the conversation going, every week on our web site,  http://stehekinmailart.weebly.com/lets-talk.html  two of our pieces will be pictured.  This will continue until mid-January.  It will tell you something about us, our home and what we do.  With your art we hope to find out more about you and your place in the world.  Send mail art every week or send it just once.  Your art will go up in our gallery as part of the show.  The written word is also welcome. 

SIZE:  from postcard size up to business envelope size (approximately 4 ½” X 10”).

DEADLINE:  There is no deadline. 

CONTENT:  Your art will not be juried.  However, anything we think inappropriate for our children to see will be shown in a separate space – our version of a “Salon des Refuses”.

ALL ENTRIES will be pictured on our website  http://stehekinmailart.weebly.com/index.html .  I'm sorry, we can’t return your art.



                       PO BX 301

                       Stehekin, Washington

                       98852       USA

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Wastedpapiers said...

Strange that their blog does not allow any comments - how does that foster any "conversation" in the digital world? Keith Bates will be most upset!