26 September 2013

Open Call for Submissions

Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery is pleased to announce that it will present Zalop: Illusory Correspondence Art, to open February 15, 2014 and run through March 16, 2014.

The show will comprise a wide range of styles and media. The curator will consider old, new, Fluxus, Asemic, MailArt, performance scores/art, add-and-pass sheets, stamp sheets, videos, postcards, copy/xerox art, objects: found/sculptural/etc..., collage, mixed media, installation, and audio files. Although there are no size or media restrictions, please thoroughly specify media, dimensions/time details, technical needs (such as electricity) and any other information pertinent to the display of your work(s). Only original work that has not been previously shown or presented will be considered.

Entries must be postmarked by January 17, 2014 and must be received by February 1, 2014. Artists, please include your name, title, medium, website and email address with your work.

Artists submitting perishable entries should notify Eyedrum of intent to submit by the deadline, including complete information on the work, but the work itself should arrive at the gallery between February 3 and 10, 2014.

Proposals/scripts for performance or process-based/decomposition/
non-mailable/time-sensitive work may be sent immediately.

Proposals and completed work should be mailed to the address below. All submissions will be archived online.

Curated by Michael Orr, an Atlanta based artist, who has been active in the MailArt network since 2008. Since this time, he's anonymously been sending pieces to creatives around the world using the name "Pone". He has worked in different capacities with Emory University, Creative Circus, and Art Institute of Atlanta.

Attn: Andy Imm

Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

115 MLK Jr. Suite 225.

Atlanta, GA 30303 - USA

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