4 November 2009

Buy Art. Not Underwear

Send us your thoughts, a small drawing, Polaroid, or photograph of how you might interpret Buy Art. Not Underwear.and we will start posting them in the gallery.
Buy Art. Not Underwear.
The artists at Ice Cube Gallery, a brand new artists cooperative in Denver, Colorado invite you to comment on the commercial aspect of art-making.

What are the things that bind us together as artists? We disagree on everything. Aesthetics, color, line, value. What is art? What isn’t art? What is good bad ugly? One thing that united this group of artists as we started this cooperative, Ice Cube Gallery, was our desire to make it financially feasible to have this place to create, push, put out installations that get us out of our normal comfort zones.

Oscar Wilde said that when bankers get together for dinner, they discuss art. When artists get together for dinner, they discuss money. Perhaps this may be true for the fact that most artists are always thinking about how to make the money to pay for the space and materials to make the art.

Andy Warhol said that:

Making money is art
and working is art
and good business
is the best art.

I am not really sure that this is true but, he definitely reflected modern and contemporary reality. It seems as though the only way to make art that gets noticed is to play by the rules of the market.

As we were gearing up for our first group show we noticed this little tidbit in the New York Times that says- According to some economists, rising underwear sales are an indicator of easing recession.

A few of us working on getting the cooperative off the ground started to imagine ourselves in a new piece of art instead of new underwear. Some people want to Photoshop their head onto someone else’s body while holding up their art. Kathy Knaus and I started to think about creating art with our body parts that might wear underwear.

Send us a small drawing, Polaroid, or photograph of how you might interpret Buy Art. Not Underwear. -and we will start posting them in the gallery. No Deadline. We will keep posting them in the gallery as they come in.

Okay- Mail art tries to circumvent the whole commercial aspect but, as usual mail art is now part of the gallery experiece.

Ice Cube Gallery
3320 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205 - USA
c/ o Theresa A Anderson

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