13 June 2009



Animals and Art Festival Open Show Postcard Exchange Project

In conjunction with the ‘Animals and Art Festival’ and ‘Minding Animals’ - the 2009 International Academic and Community Conference on Animals and Society... SHOPFRONT GALLERY invites artists to participate in a postcard exchange mail art project entitled ‘Cat Vs Dog’.

Theme: Cat vs Dog is a light hearted glimpse into our relationships with domestic animals.
Are you a cat person or a dog person? Take sides and choose your favourite companion animal!
We welcome artists to respond to the theme in any way. No jury, No fees.

Exhibition: works will be exhibited at Shopfront Gallery, Newcastle, NSW, Australia in July, 2009

Size: postcard

Medium/Technique: free

Exchange: all participants will receive the postcard work of another artist in return (please include return address for exchange)

Documentation: all works will be documented and displayed on the gallery website (please include your email address for notification of documentation)

Deadline to be received: June 30, 2009

Conference: ’Minding Animals’ is a transdisciplinary conference exploring the interrelationships between animals and society from 13 - 18 July 2009, Civic Precinct, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
Details of the conference can be found on the website www.mindinganimals.com
More Information: www.shopfrontgallerynewcastle.com

Enquiries: mail@shopfrontgallerynewcastle.com

Mail to: Shopfront Gallery
Cat vs Dog
PO Box 2421
Dangar NSW
Australia 2309

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