7 June 2009

Overview Mail-Artists - Lutz Wohlrab - Germany

Two years ago my son Konrad had the idea to set up a Mail Artists' Index on the blogging platform Wordpress. Some problems cumulated beforehand when we were using Wikipedia to publish biographies. Entries as well as images had been deleted.

Using http://mailartists.wordpress.com/ gives us a lot more opportunities and space. We are able to present short biographies and three representative images for each artist featured in our list. We link to address lists, new projects and to the artists'

websites. We furthermore present some bibliographical material and a news site. Up to now 104 entries were produced, on average one per week.

Statistics show 36 000 clicks - with increasing interest. Birger Jesch has been supporting us from day one.

For the future we wish for some correspondents from abroad who will compile biographies of the most interesting Mail Artists of their respective countries.

Contact: Lutz Wohlrab lutz.wohlrab@gmx.net

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