29 October 2008

Artistamps in the Mailstream

Theme: Artistamps in the Mailstream is an international mail art and
artistamp mini-show that asks mail artists and artistamp collectors to
review their archives and select archival examples of mail art. Mail art
with artistamps are preferred, but any traveled cover is permitted.
Feel free to create new work that may get postmarked as it travels to the
show. Also encouraged are mail art examples with personal postmarks and
artistamps cancelled by your own private cancellation device.
Exhibition: The show will be mounted at Mess Hall in Chicago as part of the
Collections and Archives as Creative Practice show at the University of
Illinois at Chicago. Artistamps in the Mailstream is curated by Andrew
Oleksiuk .
Please also include a short artist's statement concerning the provenance of
any mail art or artistamps you are submitting, explaining why you selected
your particular items.
Space for up to three entries from each participant is available.
If you want your archival material returned to you, please include the
statement "please return" clearly in the mailing.
Documentation: will be made available to all entrants; a return address is
Deadline to be received: November 26, 2008

Artistamps in the Mailstream
5336 W. Belle Plaine
Chicago, IL 60641

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