3 February 2013


The Mini[e]MailArt is an international e-mail project of the Hungarian family art team called Arnolfini Archives (since 1993) that was launced in 2004.

As it is indicated in inviting applications a pictural gestures according to topic are asked to be placed on the downloadable empty surface, then the completed work is asked to be e-mailed.

The first three announcaments – White gestures; Red lines; Yellow letters – were addressed to the narrower circle of friends, by invitation, and they are closed. By announcing the fourth topic and launching the Mini[e]MailArt blog (http://arnolfini-mma.blogspot.com) the project has become open, and anyone can send pictures according to conditions given.

The fourth topic is: Violet spots. The works we get are going to be published continuously in the blog.

Ervin Zsubori, Arnolfini Archives

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