23 February 2013


Thank you in advance.

I am new mail art because I know that since September 2012.
I discovered on my mail art work or a facilitator had launched a project on mail art.
I am now in charge of the mail art project. Their theme is bubbles and balls spheres enchanted garden ...
If you could contact them a little something ... they are between 6 and 11 years. You at the end of the year a booklet with all the artwork received ...
We exhibit regularly enough that we get to school ....
Their address:
Clae Littre
3 Place Bertier
31300 Toulouse

At the same time I launch myself in the art as postal staff.
My theme: Japan
Any format, any material, any deadline.
Ensure response by return mail art on the theme of your choice.

My address is:
Anais Appt c 121
84 boulevard Jean Brunhes
31300 Toulouse

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