28 February 2013

The walking Gallery

CALL FOR MAIL ART//"advice to my younger self" an exhibition by The Walking Gallery

The Walking Gallery is proud to present its March exhibition "Advice to my Younger Self" in which artists are asked to create work in a style of a correspondence to their younger selves. What would you tell yourself ten years ago? Fifteen? Twenty? and Why?

In addition to our regular artists, this exhibition is also opened up to a CALL FOR MAIL ART! (letters/art will be read and displayed as part of the exhibition with appropriate credit) NO ENTRY FEE WHATSOEVER!

Send Mail Art to:
The Walking Gallery
c/o Megan Flanders
3228 Washington St.
San Bernardino, CA, USA

What is it about TWG that is so unique? We celebrate what four white walls "can't", "won't" or "don't". We are here to break tradition.

We will, we will, walk you.

Featuring the talents of:
Megan Flanders
Minh Vo
Bob Hurton
Dustin Scott
Marissa Caldwell
Violeta Angeles Brodie
Rachel Hurton
Valerie Scott
Aubrey Miranda
Jimmy Purcell
Cynthia Garcia
Riane Redmond
Junior Mora
Ceara Bryan
Sheena Tocao
Naomi Molinar
Zoe Scott
and more

Saturday, March 9th, 2013
at 8:00 P.M.
Pomona Arts Colony, Pomona, CA, USA
(Beginning on the corner of 3rd. & Main St. at 8:00.
Then traveling onward to 2nd & Main at 8:20 and 2nd & Thomas at 8:40.)


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