13 January 2008

Big Bone Magazine - USA

The Big Bone Magazine has a running section that features MAIL ART!

Every once in a while we change the theme and give everyone new ideas to work with. We've decided to give two random themes and let you run with them.

The new themes are: Monster or Banjo. You do what you want with them. Our favorite pieces will be printed in an upcoming issue of the magazine (and maybe on our site as well). With full credit given to the artist of course. If you want contact information listed, please specifically say so, otherwise just name and location will be listed.

Deadline 9 September 2008

Send mail art or whatever to:

The Big Bone,

P.O. Box 4784,


Ky. 40204


Also check out http://www.thebigbone.org/ for more on the magazine, our series of art shows, and other weird things we are up to.

Thank you, Bryan, Editor, The Big Bone

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