9 January 2008

Mail Art Call

I would like to spread the word about my Mail Art call. All submissions will be exhibited on my gallery website at www.theemergenceproject.com

Deadline is approximately January 31st. The exhibit will be posted in the beginning of February. I'll send something good back to everybody.

There are no rules, guidelines or themes--anything goes. For complete details click here.

Thanks a lot, and if you have any questions, etc. feel free to e-mail me at sarah@theemergenceproject.com

Send all submissions to Sarah Elizabeth Condon
1717 Alfred Drive
Luxemburg, WI USA

I also post a lot of the Mail Art I receive on my blog at http://visualinfluence.blogspot.com
This will be an ongoing thing, so if you don't get something to me by the deadline, feel free to send me Mail Art anytime to be posted there.

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