28 January 2008


Theme: This is a mail art call inviting your creative visual responses to
the theme of the “Thumb,” that thick first digit of the human hand.
Whether it’s thumbs up, thumbs down, or all thumbs, this art will
explore the various connotations of the thumb, with irony, with humor,
or in all seriousness. This exhibit is in conjunction with a series of
essays revolving around diverse aspects of the human thumb, created
by a writer working on her master of fine arts creative nonfiction thesis.
Open Media: collage, photography, painting, drawing, printing, etc.
Format & Size: postcards from 4”x6” (or 10 x 15 cm), up to A5 size
about 5 ¾” x 8 1/4” (or 14.8 x 21 cm) maximum.

Documentation: All received works will be exhibited and the artists
listed on the blog http://thumbingthrough.wordpress.com/
Please include your name, mailing address, and email address for
acknowledgment and correspondence purposes –we will send a list of
participants, and copies of any press coverage of the exhibition. In the
true spirit of mail art we want your postcards to continue their
communication journey off the blog and into the physical world with an
exhibition at a local venue here in California (to be announced). At the
exhibit we will encourage audience interaction in the form of written
response to the art. Then the postcards will move on to – who knows?
There is also the possibility that some of the images will be referenced
on the blog and/or in the written thesis.

Organized by: artist, Joan Desmond, http://www.joandesmond.com
and writer, Ann http://www.annbeman.com/ and http://thumbingthrough.com
No fee, no returns: The postcards will become part of the collection
of Thumbing Through.
Remember: WE LOVE MAIL ART! We love the concept, the images,
the sense of community and feedback it inspires. We look forward to
your participation in this project.
Questions? joan@joandesmond.com
Deadline to be received: June 30, 2008
All works must be sent via normal postal route.

Mail to:
c/o J. Desmond
P.O. Box 2287
Lake Isabella, CA 93240

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