8 January 2008

Le One Page Book - Falling Boy Books Collection

This is the Free Collection of One Page Books from Falling Boy Books, A Division of Lalande Digital Art Press Paris. These little artist books are produced from a single page that is printed on one side, folded, then cut, then folded. They are free for you to print. If you would like to add a book to this collection, please get in touch. We would like to expand this library and distribute the free books via these posts.

Click on the links below, download the books, print the, fold them, collect them, mail them to other people.

IT WAS A VERY BAD YEAR By Matthew Rose (2007)

JOHN BENNETT'S DREAM By John Bennett (2008)


Anonymous said...

only ONE word for this ONEpage projekt: ONEderful!

(you may say "awesome!" instead :-) )


Sarah said...

Very cool idea and I love the books! Hopefully you will keep this up so I can start a collection. Best Regards, Sarah Elizabeth


Seuss's Cat said...

Intriguing - I have not printed off but I plan to. Hmmm certainly an interesting idea and one so easy to distibute to others!


See the full collection of one page books here:


There are now a half dozen books available for free download. Please contribute your own book.



P.S. They are onederful!