11 September 2014

Node Pajomo Mail Art Magazine Seeks Your Information!

Node Pajomo compiles mail art calls, mail art contact information, and zine reviews into a twice annual zine with the intent of strengthening the Postal Mail Art Network. 

We are seeking mail art calls, contact listings, zine publishers, and Postal Traders of all sorts to include in our upcoming December issue. Please send your information, publication, mail art, audio, or whatever else you feel we need to know!

Restrictions: Postal addresses ONLY in the zine. Mail art calls must result in real world posted documentation, not a blog or pdf. 

Deadline: 1 November and 1 May. Publication in early December and June.

Please send all calls, information, and questions to:

Node Pajomo, POB 2632, Bellingham WA, 98227, U$A.com or nodepajomo at gmail dot com. 


Christina Schultz said...

Just as it this post encourages to send publications, mail art or information I did send an e-mail this morning presenting my project "Say hi to Tom!". Now I have to deal with rather unpleasant e-mail conversation with some PATRIZIO GOMEZ acusing me that I send people to my website rather than I don't know what he wants.

I thought this was a place to publish serious and professional art projects. But in fact it looks rather as an Internet TROLL. Very unpleasant!

TICTAC said...

i had a similar unpleasant exchange of emails with Patricio Gomez, ended with his apologies. he had invited me during the summer to participate to the Dec. 2014 edition with some mail art he sent me by normal post. i complied. in dic. i received a forward stating that the zine was already out, and when i wrote asking about my copy the reply was :
-I'm sorry, I do not see your name on the zine's mailing list. Did you send $5 or equivalent?
this is not mail art.participants should have a copy of the documentation free.when otherwise it should be clearly stated in the mail art call published.

PJM/ Gomez/ Node Pajomo said...

Neither of you were successful in comprehending the listing to which you were responding.

Christina decided that my requests were so far outside her understanding that she chose to call me names.

TICTAC misunderstood so deeply that they decided they were qualified to declare what is mail art and what isn't. ASTONISHING.

Most surprisingly, rather than attempt to clear up the situation through communication, both artists decide to talk shit on the internet. I find this very disappointing, but not very surprising given the medium of exchange.

NODE PAJOMO continues to be published and is available for $3 US, $5 World. It is 28 pages of zine reviews, audio reviews, and mailart listings. It comes with a 20 track audio CD of Audio Mail Art Project III: Indecipherable.

PJM/Patricio Gomez/ Node Pajomo
POB 2632, Bellingham, WA, 98227-2632, U$A.com


I have responded to these complaints before and for whatever reason the moderator has chosen not to post them.

Chritstina sent me an URL to a website even though it plainly states in the listing POSTAL ADDRESSES ONLY IN THE ZINE. It could not be any more plain that projects requiring a visit to a website would not be included in the zine. When I explained that to her she became rude and unpleasant and accused me of being a 'troll' for keepiong it postal.

TICTAC misunderstood even deeper as NO WHERE in the listing does it say that sending one's mailart would result in recieving a copy of the zine. Adding insult to injury, TICTAC chose to complain here rather than inquire further.