28 September 2014

Your letter will be torn and used for wall sized quilt

I'd like to post a project on your site but it's a bit different than traditional mail art. I am asking people to write letters which will be shredded and then reassembled into a wall sized quilt. My website with more information is www.nevertoldu.com Please let me know if this project fits within the parameters of your site.

Thank you!

Beth Lowell


Beth Lowell said...

If you ever missed the chance to tell someone something, here’s your chance. Artist Beth Lowell is looking for your letters written to the person you wished you had told something. It can be anything from a thank you note to a teacher from your childhood, to telling a departed loved one goodbye.

Expressing gratitude or unburdening yourself by revealing a secret or letting someone know that they upset you can all be healing experiences, which is the point of this project. In the spirit of healing, please no venting.

Each letter will be shredded and reassembled into a wall-sized quilt, so that all participants contribute directly to the project. There are no restrictions as to length, paper size or color. Letters may be handwritten or typed. No part of your letter, including envelope and postage will go unused so be creative! All participants will be exhibited with the finished quilt, your name (if you choose) will be listed on the catalog that will go with the exhibit, and all participants will be able to download a free pdf catalog of the final project.

Please send your submissions to: WINTY, PO Box 281, Morristown, NJ 07963. You can check in to see the progress of this project on the blog and read more about the project at www.nevertoldu.com

Anonymous said...

Why shred the letters? Surely the quilt would be more interesting if it was readable....at least in parts. Cut the letters up, OK -- but don't shred them into little strips of paper. If you do the latter, you might as well shred some old newspapers, magazines, etc. But perhaps I have missed the point of this...