26 November 2013

POSTALVELLA, a mail-art project by Naranjayrojo

We are Naranjayrojo, an art collective from Spain interested in mail art projects. Recently we have participated in an exhibition with our project “Postalvella”, which is a post service we created for the visitors and population of Ciutat Vella, the oldest part of Valencia City (Spain).
People wrote postcards telling stories about experiences they have lived in that district. We built 15 handmade mailboxes and we put them in different establishments of the city. At the end, we collected almost 160 stories and all of them were shown in Ciutat Vella Oberta Festival this year. For us, the project was a way to recuperate an old communication style that is almost forgotten nowadays and, thanks to the people participation, we created a memory of experiencies and stories lived in the oldest part of the city.

Here there are some links to our project and working process:

If you want to know more about us you can find us here: www.facebook.com/naranjayrojo

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