13 November 2013

My city through the lens of mail art

MAIL ART CALL: My city through the lens of mail art

THE IDEA: This is a group of students of Cities Semiotics, class of 2012, undergraduates in Communication Technology of the UFPR (Federal University of the State of Paraná, Brazil). We invite you all to show to the planet your city through the particular and creative ”mail art eyes” of yours. We´ll be happy to expose your artworks to art students, the academic community and the general public.
BACKGROUND: “Last month I invited Patricio, the Celestial Scribe, an IUOMA member, to present mail art to my group of students at the university.  It was totally awesome!  My students and I have fallen in love with mail art mainly because the many connections between semiotics (the study of signs and symbols as elements of communication) and the outstanding creative process observed in the artworks received by Patricio. We, as a group, decided that we all wanted to undergo our own mail art experience, semiotics related  The group of students decided to make this mail art call and soon it became one of the assessments procedures for the discipline of cities´semiotics by the university.  Anna Beatriz Paula, PhD  (apbeatriz@gmail.com)

FORMATS: The following are accepted
  • Artworks created on a heavy card stock paper.  Postcard size 4x6 or 5x7
  • Artworks in any size, that can be folded down to fit into a standard size envelope 9 ½ x 41/2
  • Artworks/Objects/3D forms that can be sent through the mail unwrapped .
  • All visual art mediums will be accepted including text/poetry, printmaking, and sculpture.
  • The following information should be included on the back: Name / Full Snail Mail Address / Title of artwork (if there is one) and Medium  
  • No jury, no censorship. All works will be exhibited.
  • The contributions will not be returned and remain the property of the Dept. of Semiotics of the UFPR, The Federal University of Paraná.
DOCUMENTATION: issued  by UFPR it will be sent to all participants in exchange for their works.
SUBMISSIONS: Artists are encouraged to use the envelope or various packaging as an art surface, either on its own or in addition to the artwork that is inside it.
ORGANIZATION: Prof. Anna Beatriz Paula.    CURATOR: The Celestial Scribe
DEADLINE: Submissions must arrive to UFPR by December 3, 2013
VENUE: Technological and Professional Education Sector of the Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba. Brazil
         Prof. Anna Beatriz Paula
            Caixa Postal 19056
FURTHER INFORMATIONcelestialscribe@unipazparana.org.br  Phone 55-41-9979-1949
LEGAL: By submitting an artwork to this exhibition, the sender agrees that the students of Communication Technology at the Federal University of Parana (class 2012), can photograph and use images for press and advertising purpose, on their social media sites.  Additionally, the participant also agrees that he will receive no compensation of any sort from the Federal University of Paraná, except for the documentation mentioned herein before.

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