22 November 2013

ADD & PASS project ( by TILT lab., Portugal)

The picture belongs to an Add & Pass started by "Blancdesign" in 2005

ADD & PASS, project Nº1

 ADD & PASS is the First project associated with TILT Laboratory, in partnership with the COMA collective.

TILT Laboratory aims with this project distributes a certain number of "Add & Pass" (33 that’s what we have in mind…) with a specific theme in which each participant can only use one “page” of it. Upon receipt all ADD & PASS or part of them (because we must always count with the factor "lost" when speaking about the postal service) will be done an exhibition in the future installations of TILT Lab in Portugal.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: please send a private message to TILT facebook page or to tiltlaboratorio@gmail.com, showing your intention to participate, stating your full NAME, POSTAL ADDRESS and EMAIL. After doing this, we will guide you throughout the entire project, in which you will receive by snail mail (traditional postal service) one or three of the 33… ADD, for doing your intervention.

TECHNIQUE: all techniques are allowed, provided that what you do, is related to the subject of the ADD.

DOCUMENTATION:  All ADD & PASS with the interventions from each participant will be published in the following location, where you can also JOIN the Event:

DEADLINE: At some date during the year 2014.
These are some of the ongoing ADD & PASS, with interventions already made by mail artists all over the world.Each Add has 6 pages to 6 participants. These have a classic format, but there will be others who have an unconventional form.

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