15 January 2013

Mail Art Call - This is where I go

This is where I go is a mail art exhibition with a local (Vancouver, Canada) and worldwide call for 4 by 6 inch postcards.

My objective for this exhibition is to affirm everyone’s potential for creativity and to introduce my local Vancouver community to a movement they can be part of. 

This project consists of an exhibition held at Britannia Art Gallery—a community art gallery– in Vancouver during November 6 to 29 2013 and a free workshop on mail art on June 15 2013.

The Theme – This is where I go

You are free to interpret the theme as you wish. This is where I go could refer to a physical location you visit everyday or on occasion for some specific purpose or, it could be a representation of a place you go to in your mind to escape from reality and the pressures of life.

Participation Guidelines

  • - Technique: Free
  • - No jury/no fees/no returns
  • - Documentation: online (http://thisiswhereigomailart.wordpress.com) & print documentation to the first 50 pending funding (or to all if funding is available)
  • - Deadline: September 15 2013
  • Size & format: 4 by 6 inch / 10.2 by 15.3 cm postcards; only the front will be displayed both at the gallery and online at this website.
  • - 1 submission per person
  • - All postcards must bear postage and go through the postal system

Postcards will be on sale for $5 to generate funding for postage (to mail catalogues), the production of a catalogue, exhibition costs, and the printing of a visual book. Excess funding will be donated to the art gallery. All unsold work will be mailed to other participants.

***Don’t forget to include your name and mailing address at the back. Also include a title if there is one.

Content stipulations

Britannia Art Gallery is located inside the public library therefore as well as being a public building the venue is also within a school environment. Because the audience includes unattended children, the library has requested that we do not exhibit work that depicts nudity, is sexually explicit or is overtly violent. Britannia Art Gallery reserves the right to refuse artwork that is considered unsuitable in the context of these concerns.

Mail to:

Laura Bucci
#41-1507 East 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5N 1C8

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