11 October 2017

Literature and other languages - Brasil

We are a group of students  enrolled in a discipline called “Literature and other languages” offered at the undergraduate Course of English Language and Literature at Federal University of Paraná, in the south of Brazil . Our studies are on intermedialities  which means that we are observing how Literature dialogues with other forms of Art. Our professor, Dr. Anna Beatriz Paula, presented us  Mail Art as one of this creative possible dialogues. IUOMA member  Celestial Scribe has also been in one of our classes and showed some fantastic productions he received from different parts of the world. So we decided to propose an International Mail Art Call and, of course, produce our own Mail Art pieces.  The Mail Art Exhibition will be on November, 21st , 2017, in the university.  We kindly request all of you to send artworks to:

Anna Beatriz Paula

Caixa Postal  4926

Curitiba, PR 



THEME: Literature and other languages

DEADLINE: November 21, 2017

TECHNIQUE:  Choose your favorite literary cote – poetry or prose – and please feel to surprise us.

All the participants will receive a certificate from the Federal University of Paraná by mail. So, please let your name and address readable.

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Cyril said...

I sent a card, wrote an e-mail and received no answer. Here is the photo of my card : http://iuoma-network.ning.com/photo/2017-11-01-advertising?context=album&albumId=2496677%3AAlbum%3A2166922