19 May 2013


Anchored to Mental Health is a non-profit organization promoting mental health awareness through artistic outlets. 

We are currently in need of artists to donate art pieces (any size, any medium) to be featured in our massive art exhibit in Florida. The event will be held on World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2014. As a donating artist you will receive promotion on our website (with a direct link to your website), our social networking sites, and on promotional events for the show. We also welcome you to attend the event at no extra cost to you. After the exhibit, your artwork will be auctioned off to provide funding for mental health treatment to those in need. 

Please visit http://anchored2mh.wix.com/charity for more information. 

**We are also seeking other people willing to help our cause. You can either monetarily donate through our website or through our page on kickstarter.com. You can also donate art supplies (to be handed out to the community during the event) or any other materials yu think could be useful. 
Thank you

Kelly Marie


Anchored to Mental Health

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