21 May 2013

Mail Art for Environment - USA

Mail art for the environment-and food safety
Please send mail art to President Obama, and your senators, to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act.
Any size, any medium. Please make the message clear.
Please send this week!

President Obama 
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW 
Washington, DC 20500

You can also direct postal correspondence to your senators as follows:
The Honorable (Name)
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Sample letter:

Dear President Obama,
I urgently request that you repeal the Monsanto Protection Act. I am outraged that the so-called “farmer assurance provision”, Section 735, currently included in HR 933, was not struck from the Continuing Resolution spending bill passed by Congress this past March.
It’s time for Congress to reject the corporate takeover of our food supply! I'm asking you to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act, Section 735 of H.R. 933 and block any other amendment or provision that would limit state or local elected officials from effectively governing food and agriculture at the local level. Don’t let Monsanto, biotech lobbyists or Congress short circuit the growing grassroots movement to label GMOs at the state level.
Please protect the American people, our Constitution and our farmers and repeal the Monsanto Protection Act. It's time to put America's farmers and the health of our nation's citizens over corporate profits.
[Your Name]

You want documentation? Why not scan your art and post it here before you send it!
Mother Earth thanks you!

Online petition here; but mail art is more effective!http://action.fooddemocracynow.org/sign/repeal_the_monsanto_protection_act/?akid=866.32548._zoSkn&rd=1&t=7

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