13 May 2013

Pink and Blue - Germany

pink and blue – A Mail Art Project

The equality body of Paderborn invites to a special project


Mail art is art on a postcard that will be sent on postal delivery: so called good old snail mail. In contrast to e-mails, mail art devotes itself to deceleration.

"Compensation" for this intended reduction is offered by more sensuality because the sent art projects are all originals, that can be lead closely to your eyes or can be touched. Mail art is a democratic art: Participation is open to all, not only inside Paderborn: Women and men, boys and girls. All the sent works of art will be exhibited. There is no jury. This art is international. It is a small form of art that does without stir and nevertheless it achieves a surprising effect. Not least it is a stimulus for another imaginative creation.

Be captivated by our enthusiasm. Join in!
The theme "pink and blue"

"pink and blue" is the title of a mail art project of the equality body of the city of Paderborn.

"pink and blue" – these two colours symbolize the stereotyped expectations which boys and girls are still confronted with. When Franklin D. Roosevelt, who later became the president of the USA, was photographed at the age of two and a half years, he was wearing a white dress, shoulder length hair and distinctive leather shoes – an outfit that could lead us without batting an eyelid to the delighted exclamation: what a delightful girl!

In 1884 at the time of the shooting, this look was normal, it corresponded to the former convention for a boy. Every generation, so Jeanne Maglaty, produces its own definition of masculinity and femininity, which is not least manifested in the clothing and the toys of children. “Boys don’t cry ", The Cure played in one of their most famous songs…


When is a man a man, when a woman a woman? Typically male, typically female? Is there such a thing? What is the situation with the conventions of masculinity and femininity, with the equality of the sexes? Cliches only or prejudices? Can't women park? Do men not listen?


We encourage all women and men, girls and boys to concern themselves creatively and artistically with their own roles, because the realization of equality in society requires a change of role stereotypes. A gendered division of labour in the family and working life for example still characterizes the life of men and women, the man is still seen as the main breadwinner, the woman as the main responsible for children and household and in addition she is gainfully employed.


Take up the creative challenge! Describe us your artistic role. Let your imagination run wild. Pick up the brush, a pair of scissors, camera, cut out, write, glue, paint, print, tear, sew. Use pink, dip your brush in blue, juggle with other colours of the rainbow as well. Don't be afraid of the black and white drawing, perhaps to expose outdated black and white drawing?

Any method is right to approach and form yourself and us an impression of it.

The equality body relent on much contribution.

The conditions of participation

Participation is open to all people.

Minors must attach the written consent of guardian.

Take into account all exclusively by conventional mail sent, thematically by the sender for the occasion-made work in postcard format (approx. 14,8 x 10,5 cm).

All artistic techniques are welcome, the more versatile the better it is: drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, collage, literature etc.

Each work must have the full visible address, including e-mail-address of the artist.

The submitted works will be presented in an exhibition.

Organizer only accepts postage works.

There is no liability for any loss or damage.

Each artist is responsible for the content of his art postcard. Postcards with misanthropic, sexist, violent content or otherwise contrary to applicable law are excluded from the project.

Participation requirement is that the participant has all rights to the sent artwork.

The unlimited exploitation rights for all parts of the image is that the image is free of rights of third parties. Upon filing of the work he/she automatically ensures compliance with this condition. With a recognizable image of a person the participants add their written consent.


With the submission of the work the participants give the equality body of the city of Paderborn the use of rights and authorizes them to publication without fees, reproduction and dissemination in all relevant media for coverage and promotion of the equality body.


As it is usual for mail art projects that posted work remain at the organizers.

Please send your works of art by August 31st, 2013 to:


Gleichstellungsstelle der Stadt Paderborn

Kennwort "pink & blue"

Am Abdinghof 11

33098 Paderborn


The equality body of the city of Paderborn is looking forward to your work!

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

i. A.

Christa Mertens


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