4 March 2014


I'm very excited to announce this Egg project for the 3rd time now. After the success in the previous years I would be pretty pleased to receive such a large number of works and I'll do my best to reply each and every one of you!
Topic: ’egg’ as a shape, form, pattern, silhouette
I expect any mails, postcards, etc. where the egg is represented on the paper’s surface.
Project time: 01 February 2014 – 31 March 2014
- Every art-piece has to be sent via post.
- No techical limitations: you can use pen or pencil, dye or chalk, B/W or colour, graphics, montage, collage, photo, etc. You can even create it in 3D.
- Each and every submitted and received art-piece will be exhibited in the Budapest Stamp Museum in Budapest, Hungary during Easter time.
- All art-pieces will be scanned and uploaded to my webpage (http://evamosonyi.wordpress.com).

- Similarily to last year, the entire collection will be donated to and remain in the Budapest Stamp Museum where you can find the most stamps in the world. Since they have established their mail art section recently therefore these mails and postcards will be kept for the after-world and can be seen any time during opening hours.

Postal address:

Éva Mosonyi
19 Hegyalja Street

Many thanks in advance and I'm looking forward of your beautiful works!

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