3 June 2008

Mail Art Call - Queer EQuality

Mail Art Call - Queer EQuality

So, here’s the story. Besides planning to get married with my beautiful male lover of almost three years, I recently signed up with zazzle a company that puts your design on things like mugs and US postal stamps, t-shirts etc. I designed a stamp commemorating the California Supreme Court decision to allow gay people to get married.
The stamp was rejected by the US Postal system for their policy which
Policy Violations:
Incorporates material that is primarily partisan or political in nature.
Incorporates material the primary purpose of which is to advocate or protest any particular religious, social, political, legal or moral agenda of any person or entity.

That’s quite a lot of censorship. Who decides? I just sent another design in and they accepted it. So now we have a queer/gay postage stamp in America. I am selling the stamp and giving half the proceeds to a non-profit called Equality California. You do not have to buy a stamp to participate in the Queer eQuality mailART call, but if you'd like to help support the arts and equality, then buy all means :-)

THEME: Queer eQuality 2008

DOCUMENTATION: Exhibition at Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council Open Studio Tour 2008 in Wonder Valley, California

Blog documentation.

RESTRICTIONS: postcards only please

deadline: November 2008 (we're getting the word out before the election.


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