15 June 2008

Bizarre Cities: Edition n° VII (2009)

Dear friends and mail artists,

Although I only just published this year's edition of Bizarre Cities (http://mailworks.blogspot.com/), I like to already announce the theme for the next issue. This time I like to explore the theme of "surveillance".
All the global conspiracy theorists, CCTV collectors, state security lovers and street art activists among you are cordially invited to contribute.
The rules are the same as always: please submit 25 copies of a visual artwork (try to remain creative and avoid the "I want to be in" b/w photocopy, please. Bizarre Cities always contains a good number of "traditional" art techniques, like etchings, woodcuts or drawings). Texts are most welcome and could be submitted electronically.
For this theme I could also imagine receiving some short videos which would be burned on a CD and published together with the magazine.

I would suggest that your contribution should arrive not later than 31 December 2008.

Please let me know if you are interested. This makes it easier for resource planning and will avoid surprises at the censorship offices.

I am looking forward hearing from you.
Regards, Mailworks@Bruxelles

97, Avenue du Val d'Or

B-1150 Brussels



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