18 September 2011

photobooth performance

If you want to participate in the next photobooth book, mail in four photobooth style photos with dialogue bubbles documenting a photobooth performance by November 30thm 2011


PhotoBooth Book,

PO Box 1424,

Jupiter, FL 33468


For quality control, no electronic submissions please - original photobooth or photobooth like photos only - no copies! No returns. Future exhibitions to be announced to participants. Be sure to use the prescribed format - 4 photobooth style image size and include dialog bubbles.

Steps for submission:

1. Take/make 4 photos of your photobooth performance.

2. Put this in an envelop - do not email

3. On a piece of paper draw dialogue bubbles for talk, think and/or holler (or you can collage from the ones provided at http://ginnylloyd.blogspot.com)

Make sure you indicate which bubble goes with each photo.

4. Clearly print your text in the bubble(s).

5. Add the paper to the envelop.

6. Mail envelop to PO Box 1424, Jupiter, Florida 33468 USA

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