12 September 2011

Face of Jesus Exhibition

The Face of Jesus Exhibition, which was shown for 3 months at the Angles & Art Gallery in Haverhill, Massachusetts, has been picked up in its entirety by Our Lady of Lasalette Shrine in Attleboro, Massachusetts....A National Shrine with thousands of visitors each year. The New Opening will take place on Thanksgiving Day and will run through January 2012. An estimated 300,000 + people will view this Exhibition. If you are an artist and would like to participate...

Send your work to :

The Face of Jesus
P.O. Box 1212,
Haverhill, MA, 01831


Please be creative, but respectful of the subject matter. No shock art, Jesus humor, or art that promotes hate aimed at any group or individual.

Thank you to every mailartist/artist who has sent in work to make this Show an Event that everyone is talking about and enjoying. Invite other artists to participate and help me to bring a Mailart Exhibition that is open to everyone and ultimately is meant to bring hope, brotherhood, and love to all.

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