10 September 2011


Open Call for MailArtists and MicroPoets (Artists, Designers, Photographers and Poets)
to participate in a MailArt Collaboration Project entitled MEDIZEN
at AIRY Gallery in Kofu-City, Japan during Autumn 2011.

MEDIZEN is a play on the idea of Zen Meditation as a form of medicine,
presented as a Synodic Moon (Mood) Calendar
thirty paintings representing the Moon's 29.5 day journey from new to full, and back again.

Click here to a look at the MEDIZEN Paintings
Imagine yourself sitting in the chair you find in the painting you choose.
Find yourself transported to that world, Alice-in-Wonderland-style!
Express your sensory experience on a postcard :-
In the form of
MailArt and/or MicroPoetry
inspired by your Medizen experience.

Click here to find out more about MAILART and click here to find our more about MICROPOETRY.
You might also find inspiration looking at these MEDIZEN Composites pages.

Competition runs from 5th September to 2nd October but the earlier you get your postcards in,
the more votes they could get at the Festival, which begins 23rd September, so get designing!

Entries will be on display in the AIRY Gallery during the build up to the festival
and will be exhibited online on the julieajoules website (here)
Entries will be exhibited at the Kofu International Art Festival from 23rd September to 2nd October 2011.

The MailArt section will be adjudicated by the panel of artists that form the board of AIR-Y,
co-ordinated by artist Izumi Sakomoto, from a selection of finalists
selected by visitors to the Kofu International Arts Festival.

The MicroPoetry section will be adjudicated by founder of the VEC,
Peformance Poet Rod Summers.

Winners will be announced on the 10th October. There will be one overall winner in each category.
Both winners will receive a stationery set of both the winning works
in the form of:
a set of postcards (5 of each), 2 matching notepads (one of each)
and 2 photofinish notebooks, one blank (MailArt winner cover) and one lined (MicroPoetry winner cover).

Entrance is free.
You may enter as many times as you wish, in either or both categories.
Nasty stuff will be ignored or suitably disposed of.
Poetry postcards should be submitted in English;
although all language submissions will be considered,
they will be adjudicated on the basis of form only if no translation is provided.
The Judges’ decisions are final. Judging is blind, based on the front of the postcard only.
Please do not include signatures or other identifying marks on the front of your postcard!

On the back of your postcard, remember to include:
The number of the Medizen painting that inspired your design or poem (e.g. MOON01).
Your postal address, if you would like a postcard in return.
Your email address, if you would like your work to be included in the gallery and e-shop of the julieajoules website.

2-37-2 Marunouchi,
Kofu-city, Yamanashi 400-0031
The visual poet julieajoules will be in residence at AIRY in Japan during Autumn 2011.
A photolog diary will be updated on a Wednesday and Sunday starting 7th September until 30th October, see that photolog here.
During the residency, self-directed work includes:
working with Medizen through thirty consecutive days (poems and photography),
practising spoken Japanese and refitting the e-shop.
Walking, bus and train travel : observing Koyo (Autumn colours).
Gallery-based work includes:
an artist talk on 24 September and a workshop on 1st October,
as well as participation in the Art Festival.

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