16 October 2007

Object Object

Object:Object Project is looking for submissions!

Object:Object is a project that hopes to examine the process of translating verbal communication to visual communication while connecting all of the participants involved through personal and heartfelt narrative.

Please help!

Write a detailed description of an object that you own or have owned which has particular sentimental value for you. Please describe the objects structure with as much detail as possible - be specific about it's size, shape, colour and other necessary aesthetic elements. If you like, include a short written narrative about how you came to own the object or a short story of why this object is of special value to you. Please do not submit photographs or other visuals of the item.

The written descriptions collected will be remade in sculptural form by an artist participant. Artists will use only the written description, with no visual reference, to recreate these objects. The first showing of completed pieces will be installed in an upcoming collateral event for the Open Engagement Conference in Regina, Saskatchewan this October, 2007.

Submissions are being accepted now. objectobjectproject@gmail.com.
more info: www.objectobject.blogspot.com

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