21 October 2007

Merry Christmas

THEME: “Merry Christmas”

Artist Jorge Restrepo (www.jorgerestrepo.com ) will make an installation in the Spanish Cultural Center , Tegucigalpa , Honduras ( Central America ).

Theme: The mail-artworks will show the reality of the world, the extreme differences in religion, social classes, justice, poverty, income, access to water, languages…of different countries….of the world.

While some people are partying and celebrating, gambling…vacationing…in December, others are suffering. Jorge Restrepo will create an environment of Christmas celebration at the exhibit rooms of the Center…using the mail-artworks. The observer to the exhibit will feel the sensation of Christmas decoration. When the visitors look in detail to the decoration (mail-artworks simulating Christmas cards and messages) the reality of the world will appear…dramatically…in front of their eyes…

Electronic documentation to all. Please send Email address, name and postal address. Format and medium: free . All work will be shown. No returns.

Deadline: November 30, 2007

Carlos Lanza,
Send to: Jorge Restrepo,
POBox 93,
Central America

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